What did you think of rAge 2013?

South Africa’s biggest gaming expo, rAge 2013 has wrapped up, but for those of you who made it there this weekend, we’d like to know what you thought of the experience.

MyGaming forumites have already been discussing the weekend’s show, with a mix of feelings regarding the event.

The Good:

“The organisation of the event seemed to be better than in the past. No real long queues and all the card machines work at all the stalls I spent money at.” – [email protected] .

“It’s tech and glitter and glamour and all that dazzles the eye. I really enjoyed all the folk who dressed up in outlandish costumes. Kudos to them all for the effort.” – McT

“What I did like:
1. The amount of talent in the Artist Alley.
2. The Nintendo stand was really well done. It was built to accommodate traffic and they had lots of Nintendo guys everywhere that showed you the games.
3. The Skylanders Swap Force stand was incredible!
4. The cosplay just gets better and better every year.
5. The Batman Arkham Origins stand was pretty cool. You could easily walk up to any screen and see what was going on.” – TheAvenged87

“I enjoyed playing BF4 on the alienware machines – and the new map. If my PC could handle the game like those machines do I’d definitely be pre-ordering it!” – DarthMol

“I deeply respect the people who put so much effort in their cosplay, it was something to marvel at.” – Saint_Dee

Queues for rAge on Day 1

Queues for rAge on Day 1

The Bad:

“Overall I felt they could have done so much more with the expo. There are so many things happening in the world of gaming at the moment; from a hardware up to the actual games. The expo just didn’t showcase enough of the world of gaming at the moment. And if they keep on upping the prices of these events, I’m going to expect them to up the quality as well.” – [email protected]

“I’m always left with mixed feelings regarding Rage. It never seems to live up to all the hype, with the expo feeling like a mere afterthought with the LAN being the focal point. There were so many people with so few stands that everywhere felt crowded.” – Fivel

“I was looking for more stands on PC hardware and peripherals. Nothing really about mice or keyboards or anything to please the eye there. Where were those displays or is gaming just about consoles now?” – McT

“I’d like to see more stands selling stuff at awesome low prices but [otherwise] rAge is always fun times if you don’t take it too seriously.” – Snoek

“I enjoyed rAge this year but it was far from my previous experiences. This year seemed to be dominated by big corporates and in the end it looked more like a giant advert than an expo. Thinking back it seems a lot was missing, e.g. Overclocking stands, PC builds, hardware displays, etc.” – Ike_009

“I wonder if the Dome is still the appropriate venue for the show. When they start telling people that they can’t come inside because of fire hazards, then you perhaps have to think about getting a bigger place.” – TheAvenged87

“What I’m really sad about is the decline in PC displays – no R100,000 monster rigs flying through benchmarks, no 6 screen setups showing off eye-finity / 3D etc. I guess those are old news these days but it’s still pretty cool to see.” – DarthMol

“It had a feel of playing a game at a home but being at a LAN. No real hype to join games at the LAN. The LAN feels more and more like a leech-fest and that’s all you can really do some times. Due to nothing else going on or to play at times.” – z1oc  on the NAG LAN.

rAge 2013 picture 21_1

You can read all the comments and add in your own on the rAge postmortem thread.

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