PS4 vs Xbox One features compared

UPDATE 20/11/13: Microsoft has just announced that streaming to Twitch is not a launch feature for the Xbox One. The table has been updated to reflect this.

Sony and Microsoft are on the brink of a new round in the console wars, and for once the playing field is relatively even.

Both consoles are launching within a week of each other in the US, Canada and several European countries. Microsoft’s launch is limited to 13 countries initially, while Sony is rolling out their launch for 32 countries around the world.

The PS4 will launch in SA on 13 December 2013, but the Xbox One will only land much later, with no local data confirmed.

Despite market differences locally, across the ocean the month of November will be a very important one for both Sony and Microsoft, and because there are so many facets to the new consoles, here’s a handy comparison detailing everything we know so far about both products.

Xbox One Playstation 4
Price (Rands) TBA R6299
Launch date TBA 13 December 2013
What’s in the box Xbox One console, Xbox one controller, wired headset, Kinect 2.0, HDMI cable, power cable, power brick, codes for Day One exclusive content Playstation 4 console, Dualshock 4 controller, HDMI cable, power cable, wired mono headset, 14-day PS Plus trial
What’s not in the box Controller Play and charge kit, 3rd-party peripherals Playstation Eye, controller charging base, PS4 vertical stand, Nyko Smart clip, PS Vita, Playstation Move, 3rd-party peripherals
Hard drive size 500GB 500GB
Play as you download Yes, on launch, varies by game Yes, on launch, varies by game
User-replaceable hard drive No, requires voiding warranty Yes, up to 12.5mm in height (unofficially)
Multiplayer services Yes, through Xbox Live Yes, through Playstation Network
Online subscription Xbox Live Gold, approx R500/year Playstation Plus, R489/year
Account region swaps Yes, one every 3 months (subject to terms and conditions) No (multiple PSN accounts from different regions are possible on one console)
Offline mode Yes, after mandatory patch Yes
Customisable UI/Themes Yes (coloured tiles) No (planned feature)
Install games to external drive No (planned feature) No
System boot times (cold) 17 seconds 30 seconds
System boot times (warm) 17 seconds 21 seconds
Fast Resume supported Yes No (planned feature)
Resume game/app from sleep Yes Yes
DLNA compatibility Yes (certification pending) No (planned feature)
Music Playback Yes, through audio CD and Xbox Music Yes, through Music Unlimited
MP3, CD support planned
Movie Playback Yes, through Xbox Video, 3rd-party streaming apps, Blu-Ray and DVD, DLNA Yes, through Video Unlimited, 3rd-party streaming apps, Blu-Ray and DVD, DLNA
Streaming from connected devices Yes, through Microsoft’s Play To service (similar to Apply Airplay No (possibly a future feature)
UltraHD 4K compatibility Yes, for media only Yes, for media only
Region locks No (publisher’s right reserved) No (publisher’s right reserved)
Parental controls Yes, similar to 360 Yes, similar to PS3, sub accounts change to master accounts at age 18
Second screen devices Yes, on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Android4.0+, iOS devices Yes, on PS Vita, PS Vita TV, Android 4.0+, iOS devices, some Smart TVs
Remote play devices No (planned feature) Yes, on PS Vita, PS Vita TV, Xperis Play (planned feature), other mobile devices (also planned)
Multi-tasking and task switching Yes, on launch Yes, on launch
Internet Browser
Internet Explorer-based Webkit-based
Voice navigation Yes, with Kinect Yes, with wired headset and Playstation Eye
Gesture navigation No (planned feature) No
Portable game collection Yes, your digital library travels with you Yes, your digital library travels with you
Digital game sharing Yes, on main console Yes, on main console
Game streaming partners and Xbox Live using Upload Studio (requires Gold subscription)(Twitch streaming only in 2014), uStream (free for both), and PSN using PS4 upload service
Game capture upload partners, Microsoft Skydrive, Xbox Live, Facebook
Game capture time limit 5 minutes 15 minutes
Anti-spoilers for game capture No (possibly planned feature) Yes, game and developer dependant
Use of real names No Yes, optional for profiles linked to PSN/SEN
Facebook integration No Yes
Twitter integration No Yes
Friends list limit 1000+ (ongoing development) 2000 (device dependant)
Automatic updates Yes, for games, apps and firmware Yes, for games, apps and firmware
Skype integration Yes, using Kinect No

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PS4 vs Xbox One features compared

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