InFamous: Second Son pre-order price round up

InFamous: Second Son’s release is just around the chronological corner, with its arrival set for 21 March (20 March according to Kalahari).

Question: how much moola will it set you back? Answer: the same amount as most next-gen games.

Second Son is set seven years after the ending of Infamous 2, in which Cole MacGrath activated the Ray Field Inhibitor to destroy a conduit (super humans, named for their ability to channel powers) named John White, also known as the Beast.

The new instalment is set in Seattle, Washington, and players control Delsin Rowe, a 24 year-old graffiti artist with no real direction in life.

One day, Delsin witnesses a bus crash, and attempts to help; in the process, he comes in contact with a conduit, and his own dormant abilities are awakened. With his new abilities and his older brother Reggie, a police officer, Delsin will dedicate himself to fighting back against the oppressive Department of Unified Protection, as well as other conduits such as Abigail “Fetch” Walker.

All prices are for PlayStation 4
Kalahari R 759.00
Dion Wired R 760.00
Takealot R 790.00
BT Games R 795.00
CNA Online R 809.90
Animeworx R 860.00

Please note that prices are correct at the time of publication. Pricing was not available on Loot, Incredible Connection, and Makro at the time of publication.

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InFamous: Second Son pre-order price round up

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