DStv versus gaming: which is cheaper?

While directly comparing gaming to DStv might not be called a scientific pursuit, they are both common forms of entertainment that a lot of South Africans enjoy.

But what if you were told to pick one, and part of your motivation was cost? Which entertainment option would give you more bang for your bucks? We are going to try and answer that question.

According to a 2012 Discovery Network study, the average South African watches 4.5 hours of TV per day. That’s 31.5 hours of loafing around a week, and 135 hours during a 30 day month.

DStv’s new pricing kicks in on 1 April 2014, costing R665.00 per month for the premium package, which means the viewer is paying R4.93 per hour to enjoy their favourite pastime.

A study conducted by US market research and tracking company NPD showed that “core gamers” spent an average of 18 hours per week gaming. This equates to 2.57 hours a day, and 77 hours a month.

The study also revealed that these core gamers bought – after rounding up to eliminate fractioned results – 2 games per month.

Taking a look at the bestselling titles in South Africa in recent times – Battlefield 4, FIFA 2014, GTA V, Assassin’s Creed 4, and BioShock Infinite – the average price of a PC game is R429; a PS3/Xbox360 game is R619; and a PS4/Xbox One game is R700.

2 games a month at the above mentioned prices gives you this lovely price comparison table.

Platform PC Xbox360/PS3 Xbox One/PS4 DStv Premium
Monthly cost R 858.00 R 1 238.00 R 1 400.00 R 665.00
Price per hour R 11.14 R 16.10 R 18.18 R 4.93

As you can see, even PC gaming – which is considerably cheaper than its console rivals – is more than double the price of DStv per hour.

Our question to you is: is gaming more than twice as good as watching TV (3.5 times better in the case of PS4 or Xbox One), or are games too expensive in South Africa? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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DStv versus gaming: which is cheaper?

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