Batman Arkham Knight: everything we know so far

Batman Arkham Knight

Earlier in March, Rocksteady Studios – the visionaries behind the world famous, multi-award winning Batman Arkham series – revealed their latest and last Batman title: Batman Arkham Knight.

Arkham Knight will be on the new generation of consoles and PC and is expected to be released in October. As awesome as this game looks, there is still allot of secrecy surrounding the gameplay and features.

I have compiled all the details into one quick brief.

  • Batman’s grapple and glide mechanic has been improved, the game has an even bigger focus on vertical exploration.
  • Batman can now preform a reverse grapple, making it easier to grapple to a spot without the need for camera control.
  • Batman can now spin 180-degress around whilst gliding for quicker exploration.
  • The cut-scenes are no longer separate scenes, it’s all in game and preforms as you arrive at a scene, no loading times too.
  • A new mechanic called Gadgets While Gliding, GWG, is a feature that allows the player to use gadgets while gliding.
  • During combat, Batman can disarm an enemy at any time and use their weapons against them.
  • You can use Batman’s abilities to take down a few enemies over long distances.
  • Fear Takedown allows you to string together three consecutive takedowns of armed thugs.
  • The Batmobile is completely controllable, think Full Auto, but with Batman.
  • The Batmobile can drive through almost anything, even trees, making exploration easier.
  • The Batmobile will go hand in hand with Batman’s abilities, like ejecting out of the car seat at lightning fast speed and landing on an enemy or into a glide.
  • If you are in a fight and feel outnumbered, call in your Batmobile and use it as a getaway car, a weapon, or cover from bullets.
  • If you leave the Batmobile behind, you just press a button and it will drive to your location.
  • Like previous titles, the world is open and free for you to explore and take on any quest you want at any time.
  • The city is 5 times larger than Arkham City and 20 times larger than Arkham Asylum.
  • The Villain in the game is the Arkham Knight, he is an original character designed at Rocksteady in collaboration with DC comics. He has never appeared in any other Batman comic, movie, or game.

I am excited for this one. Rocksteady wants to deliver the ultimate Batman experience, and so far it looks like they are going to succeed.

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  • Mr Q

    I like where this is going!

  • Johann Botha

    I really hope its not as buggy as Origins.

  • Dick Phuck

    Lol, never gonna happen bro. Origins was a fail attempt at handing over a successful franchise to a new developer who delivered a substandard product. Think Warner Brothers realised what a phuck up it was on their part so the game is going back to Rocksteady Studios. The masters of the franchise

  • Bl1zz4rd

    Looking forward to this. I’m sure it’ll look good and hopefully it’ll have a captivating storyline.

  • theseasonswither

    I can honestly say that I did not come across more than 2 bugs when I played. I loved the game and I’m really looking forward to Arkham Knight! m/

  • Dick Phuck

    You were lucky- admittedly, Origins was still, at it’s core, a solid Batman entry, with a decent storyline. It simply failed to deliver anything new really. And the bugs were seen as unforgivable by most because the first two Arkham games were of such a high standard.

Batman Arkham Knight: everything we know so far

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