Awesome gaming Easter eggs

With the Easter holidays nearly upon us, we give to you a list of the best Easter Eggs found in gaming. Before we start, take note that in order to be relevant for this list, the Easter egg needed to be an actual item in game.

Arkham City Map – Batman Arkham Asylum

If I told you that this Easter egg wasn’t found until two years after the game’s original release, would you believe me? The sequel to Arkham Asylum was hidden in the game all along, although it was quite a mission to find and no one really knew where it was until the developers dropped a hint.

The Lost Island – Just Cause 2

In Just Cause 2 there was a reference to the Lost series, coming in the form of an island. If you ventured there in a plane you would instantly crash-land, the skies would darken, a storm would brew, and you heard monsters’ cries throughout the jungle.

If you ventured further, though, you would find a downed plane and a capsule that was identical to the one from Lost. Pretty awesome right?

Final Fantasy XXVII poster – Deus Ex : Human Revolution

Due to the fact that Deus Ex was set in the future, the developers thought it would be clever to place a poster showing what Final Fantasy we would be playing at that time. This poster included the numbers XXVII (27) and it also had a Japanese girl on it – clearly depicting the JRPG genre.

Dead Altair – The Witcher 2

You know how it is virtually impossible to jump from a building into a haystack? Well, in the Witcher 2 they make fun of the fact that, in the Assassin’s Creed series, one of the signature moves revolves around this rather difficult act.

During the game you will come across a few haystacks, and lying next to one of them is Assassin’s Creed’s Altair, himself.

Dead Ops Arcade – Call of Duty Black Ops

An Easter egg that unlocks another game in the game – no way. Well, in Call of Duty Black Ops if you head over to the PC and enter DOA it will unlock a mini game, dubbed Dead Ops Arcade.

This top-down shooter was inspired by the classic run-and-shoot NES title, and involves you blowing up zombies. How fitting.

Zelda level – Super Mario 3D World

Nintendo always drops a few game hints and tributes into their later titles, and Super Mario 3D World was no different. In one of the latter levels, you enter a room where you need to run over tiles that turn into a classic Link sprite. Playing in the background is a song from Zelda. Once the level is completed, you are greeted with the tune you hear when you get a puzzle right in the Legend of Zelda. Very cute.

Whimsyshire – Diablo III

When Diablo 3 was first shown off, it was criticised by fans for its colourful art direction. Blizzard struck back when they released the game with Whimsyshire – an over-the-top level that featured rainbows and bright green grass.

To access this level you will have to collect particular items, similar to the Secret Cow level in Diablo 2.

The Precursor Orb – Uncharted

The Jack and Daxter series featured a bunch of Precursor Orbs which aided you in your quest. Naughty Dog carried these over to the Uncharted series by hiding one in every game. This egg was dubbed as the Strange Relic and is the perfect Easter egg, given that it is the only one that is actually an egg.

Found any interesting Easter eggs in a game? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Awesome gaming Easter eggs

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