The Amazing Spider-Man 2 review roundup

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 4 will hit the shelves locally on Friday, 9 May 2014. If you were thinking of getting yourself a copy, you might want to read this review roundup first – the game has not garnered glowing reviews.

Despite the largely negative feedback, the game has reached the number one spot in the UK sales charts.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was sitting on a review score of 54 on Metacritic, at the time of publication.

GamesRadar – 3/5

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes in a next-gen wrapper, but feels like a last-gen experience. There’s plenty of fun to be had thanks to some fun battles, an entertaining story, and scads of collectibles. Just be prepared for an experience that looks and feels extremely familiar.

PlayStation Lifestyle – 5/10

The problem is that a great game can be seen swimming just beneath the surface of the game that we ultimately got. A severe lack of polish and the need to rush this out to match the film’s release left what could have been a good game buried under mounds of flaws,  issues, and sheer drudgery. While there were aspects of this game that really could have been something special, or even passable, I would have to say that the overall package of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 isn’t really all that amazing.

US Gamer – 2.5/5

The latest Spider-Man game is a swing and a miss. The developer has improved the web-swinging mechanic and getting around Spider-Man’s Manhattan has never been better. Unfortunately, the rest of the game drags it down. A schizophrenic story, a lifeless New York, and boring villains are what you can expect for the price of entry. The game’s Hero/Menace system even takes all the fun out of just randomly swinging around the city. Beenox can do better, so I’m hoping the developer’s next outing results in something truly ‘Amazing’.

Joystiq – 2/5

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a surreal, hilarious, and half-remembered mash-up of every minor crime he’s ever stopped. Think of it as as opportunity to save Spider-Man from his own demons, to shake him free from a repetitive nightmare that has morphed into a licensed game parody. And if not, you’ll find completing this game is a heroic feat anyway.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Gaming Trend – 45/100

While a lot of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 fails to impress, there is a decent amount of potential to be had in this Beenox product. It is clear that Beenox is a talented developer, but being forced into developing a movie-game that has a predetermined release date is a near impossible situation for anyone. Here’s to hoping that brighter futures are in front of Beenox. If not, there will most certainly be a new Amazing Spider-Man heading our way in a few years.

IGN – 5.4/10

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is yet another example of what happens when games are rushed out to coincide with a movie release date. It’s especially frustrating because the web swinging really is fun, but developer Beenox wasn’t able to keep the momentum going once you hit the ground. The next time there’s an Amazing Spider-Man movie, hopefully combat can be brought up to snuff, since there’s plenty of promise in the air.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 review roundup

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