Game reboots that should never have happened

We’ve all had our run in with reboots. Studios need to raise their sales numbers, so whip out an old favourite, remake it, and send it out with the hope loyal fans will snatch it up.

Unfortunately, it can go horriblly wrong. Here is a list of games that were great in their original form, but really fell short when it came to their re-release. They tried to live up to the greatness of their predecessors, but failed (and we have the Metacritic scores to prove it).


  • Original – 85
  • Reboot – 65

The original Turok was not only one of the best Dinosaur games on the Nintendo 64, but one of the console’s best games, period. Awesome weapons, fierce prehistoric lizards, and it played like a dream. The reboot came along in 2008, and everything we loved about the game seemed to be missing in action. Your most powerful weapon was a knife – I mean, come on. Turok 2.0 was not all bad, but compared to the Nintendo version it was no success story.

Alone in the Dark

  • Original: 77
  • Reboot: 47

The original Alone in the Dark came along and set the bar for survival-horror games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. It featured great scares, suspense, and a well-imagined setting that truly gave you the feeling of being, well, alone in the dark. Then came the reboot, a game that besmirched the name of its predecessor. A messy storyline, bugs, and stages that never really linked up ruined what little the game did do well. Let’s all forget about this game.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

  • Original: 91
  • Reboot: 55

We don’t want to point fingers here, but EA has a knack for making games that get people angry. Medal of Honor: Allied Assualt was a ground-breaking FPS that was a masterpiece of its time – Warfighter, made a few years later, was neither of those things. In fact, it put the franchise beyond redemption and now Battlefield and Call of Duty rule the roost. Warfighter had terrible AI, the story was flat, and the game looked bad – it was a sad attempt to keep the Medal of Honor franchise going.

Sonic the Hedgehog (PS3/Xbox 360)

  • Original: 82
  • Reboot: 43

Most of us have fond memories of Sonic from when we still owned consoles made by Sega. Those fond memories did not continue when it arrived on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Sega has tried many times to give the blue hedgehog and his friends the comeback they deserve, but in this case they shouldn’t have bothered. The current-gen release was a mess with terrible controls, bland environments, and boring support characters. Poor Sonic, so much potential.


  • Original: 84
  • Reboot: 64

It is sad when you have a great game that gets destroyed by always on connections, overpriced expansion packs, and social features that gamers really don’t want. Compared to the original title, the SimCity reboot had everything that you wanted, but a lot that you didn’t. The cities were limited in space which means you reached the building limit quickly, the simulations were dull and non-existent at times, and was just faulty from the foundations up.

Tell us about your worst reboot experiences in the comments and forums.

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Game reboots that should never have happened

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