Next-gen consoles aren’t worth it yet

As our regular readers are no doubt aware, MyGaming runs various polls on its news page asking pertinent questions about video gaming.

We’ve crunched the data using a highly scientific process involving cold-fusion warp-core mass-field inhibitors, zero-G mechanical pencils, and a food replicator, to give you the answers you deserve.

So what do the MyGaming readers think of the next-(now)-gen consoles – the PS4 and Xbox One? Is the Wii U still a thing? How much are they willing to pay for next-gen games?

It seems that most aren’t yet convinced about the value proposition of new consoles, and neither are they very excited about the eventual arrival of the Xbox One in South Africa (pegged for September 2014).

Here are the results of the poll questions.

Are the next-gen consoles worth buying into yet?

Number of votes: 1,138.

  • Yes: 323 (28.4%)
  • No: 815 (71.6%)

Are you looking forward to the arrival of Xbox One in South Africa?

Number of votes: 1,188.

  • Yes: 301 (25.3%)
  • No: 887 (74.7%)

PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?

Number of votes: 1,431

  • PlayStation 4: 1,137 (79.5%)
  • Xbox One: 294 (20.5)

What about the other next-gen gaming console? Is the Nintendo Wii U still on your gaming radar?

Number of votes: 1,301

  • Yes: 243 (18.7%)
  • No: 1,058 (81.3%)

What is a reasonable price for a newly released AAA next-gen console game?

Number of votes: 2,242.

  • R300: 536 (23.9%)
  • R400: 484 (21.6%)
  • R500: 624 (27.8%)
  • R600: 386 (17.2%)
  • R700: 97 (4.3%)
  • R800: 21 (0.9%)
  • R900+: 94 (4.2%)

What do you think of the results? Do they tell a prophetic tale about the South African gaming zeitgeist? Let us know in the comments and on the forum.

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Next-gen consoles aren’t worth it yet

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