Xbox One SA possible launch date outed?

South Africa may receive the Xbox One on 4 September 2014, if the international release schedule is anything to go by.

It was announced in March by Microsoft that the Xbox One would launch in South Africa in September, but no exact date was given. South Africa was named along with numerous Asian and European countries, including Japan.

Microsoft has since announced that Japan will be receiving the Xbox One on 4 September, which means SA could be getting the new console on the same day.

Microsoft South Africa had not yet confirmed the console’s local release date at the time of publication.

The Xbox One without Kinect will – excluding taxes – cost 39,980 Yen (±R4,070), while the Kinect version will set gamers back 49,980 Yen (±R5,100).

The following accessories will be launched along with the console:

  • Xbox One wireless controller
  • Xbox One play and charge kit
  • Xbox One voice chat headset
  • Xbox One wireless controller with play and charge kit
  • Xbox One headset adapter
  • Xbox One stereo headset
  • Xbox One Kinect sensor
Source: DualShockers

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Xbox One SA possible launch date outed?

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