What to do when you finish Watch Dogs

By now many of you have completed the campaign in Watch Dogs, and without a storyline to follow, may feel somewhat at a loss. Fortunately, there are still giant robotic spiders to control, mini-games to conquer, and other players you can hack – you just have to look in the right places.

Here’s how you can keep busy and stay entertained in Chicago.

Digital Trips

Ravage through Chicago destroying waves of cops, tanks, and helicopters as a giant robotic spider. This Digital Trip was amazing – plus there are a stack of objectives to complete and skills to unlock. Get destroying!

Human Trafficking

During the main campaign you meet Donna “Poppy” Dean, along with many other sex slaves that want to be free. The Human Trafficking side missions revolve around you driving around town, finding “buyers” and ultimately putting an end to the sex slave syndicate – saving slaves like Poppy in the process.

I recommend you unlock all the ctOS towers before you begin, for fast travel purposes.

QR Codes

One of the harder side-quests to complete is the QR Code mission.

As they’re scattered around the city, you need a good eye, along with a lot of perseverance, to find them. Once you have found one you will need to align your camera and scan. The reward – some great sightseeing locations.

The Mini-games

The mini-games are a beacon of light in the post-campaign world of Watch Dogs. There are plenty of them to find around the city and they will add to your progression bar.

My favourite has to be Chess, which has more to it than you think. You are given a few pieces and have to solve a puzzle while taking out the other player’s pieces before he gets to your side.

There are also drinking games, which are not as fun as real life (Says you! – Ed).


Although mixing with others may not be your cup of tea, you have to try out the Online Hacking.

Hacking an unexpected player and watching him or her run around like a fool trying to find you is great. There is also Online Decryption, which is your standard team vs team match.

The more you play online, the more progress you make, and the more perks you will unlock.

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What to do when you finish Watch Dogs

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