Fifa 15 pre-order price roundup

I know sports games don’t get much love on MyGaming, but we are obliged to at least tell readers how much the next installment of Fifa is going to set them back.

Coming to the – get ready for it – PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS Vita, 3DS, and Wii on 26 September 2014, Fifa 15 is billed as all its predecessors were before it: similar to last year’s game, just a bit better.

“For the first time ever, players have memories and will show emotion based on the context of the match. With over 600 new emotional reactions, players now respond to pivotal moments on the pitch – bad tackles, missed chances, epic goals – as they would in real life,” say EA.

I hope those “600 emotional reactions” do not include diving and pretending your intestines are being ripped out through your anus, because you are in so much pain after that “devastating tackle”.

Check out our pre-order price roundup, below.

Fifa 15
Store PC PlayStation 4 PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Xbox One PS Vita Wii 3DS
Kalahari R 499 R 649 R 649 R 649 R 649 R 429 R 429 R 429
Raru R 515 R 668 R 687 R 668 R 687 R 431 R 431 R 431
BT Games R 525 R 699 R 615 R 615 R 699 R 435 R 435 R 435
Loot R 528 R 678 R 678 R 678 R 678 R 446 R 445 R 446
CNA Online R 539 R 719 R 629 R 629 R 719 N/A N/A N/A
Takealot R 540 R 699 R 699 R 699 R 699 R 452 R 452 R 452
AWX R 575 R 745 R R655 R 655 R 745 R 490 R 490 R 490

Pricing was not available from Dion Wired, Incredible Connection, and Makro at the time of writing.

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  • Mohammed

    Can anyone confirm if there will be a midnight launch in BTGames?

  • Charl van der Merwe

    Is there a button or special move in this fifa game to fake injuries for penalties? It is suppose to be realistic right ? 😉

  • Lionsheart85

    Sometimes I feel 1 year between FIFA’s are too little. Two years would be perfect. But that is just my Opinion.

  • Shellyb1

    ordered mine with kalahari and with the discount vouchers, worked out even cheaper. Hopefully they deliver on time though….not holding my breathe.

  • Mohammed

    That’s why I’m holding off ordering from Kalahari… I want that game day 1… It would be great if BTGames has another midnight launch.

  • Mach III

    Not when the new engine is coming to PC! 😀

  • Wurnman

    I wait a couple of months until a sale and then buy a copy. Simple

  • Shadow

    Origin is R700 with all the extra packs, etc. Do those suppliers have all the extras aswell or just the standard game.

  • Mach III

    Bought mine Today off kalahari. With the R100 off it worked out to R399 😀

Fifa 15 pre-order price roundup

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