Let’s smash some gaming consoles

With the recent price increase of Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription, and the Xbox One finally arriving on our shores, we thought it would be an opportune time to put together an article about consoles being destroyed.

There is no higher purpose or informational value in this piece – it is a Friday article where you get to watch people take their PlayStation or Xbox and destroy it. And possibly cry.


Warning: some videos contain explicit language.

Turn up the heat – Microwaving a PS4 and Xbox One

Someone finally uses a Nintendo Wii U

Crazy girlfriends break some consoles

And again

Dad throws Xbox into fireplace

Dad tosses it out

Guy destroys PS4 on launch day

Ultimate Russian Xbox destruction

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October’s gaming events in SA

PlayStation Plus prices in SA hiked by over 50%

Hackers break into Xbox One, Gears of War programmes

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Let’s smash some gaming consoles

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