It’s too late to start playing these games

It’s impossible to play every game that gets released each year. A combination of not having enough time and dedicating all the playing time you do have to your favourite game means that titles come and go without crossing your radar.

When you do manage to squeeze a few more hours of free time into your week, though, it may seem like a good idea to try out a “classic” game that “you’ve heard so much about”.

Our advice – in the case of the following games – is just to let that idea go.

World of Warcraft

The World of Warcraft franchise is pretty huge today, with 5 expansions and a player count reaching close to 12.5 million. The problem with starting this online game now is that it will be akin to diving into the deep darkness of space without a spacesuit – you will choke and die alone in cold isolation.

Do you think a level 70 orc is going to go easy on your because you are new? Besides getting totally owned, by the time you get the hang of things and have covered all the expansions World of Warcraft 2 will probably be out.

Dota 2

I tried to play Dota 2 the other day, and this game is the reason I put this list together. Besides my self-esteem taking a royal beating from dying regularly, I received a fair amount of abuse – among which was being called a Russian.

Do not try this game if you have a sensitive heart, short temper, or hate match making that takes more than 30 seconds. Failing to make any kills while the rest of the team is winning is a terrible feeling, and don’t even get me started on all the characters, items, and tactics you will have to learn.

Just stay away.

(Video contains strong language.)

Call of Duty Online

There are various traps you can fall into when it comes to playing Call of Duty online multiplayer. Firstly, if you are decent on a console don’t think that you can just jump on a PC and carry on killing. Using a mouse is somewhat different to an analog stick.

Secondly, if you have never played CoD online, prepare to die. A lot. A whole lot. There is no sugar coating the situation, and I am sure you have seen the CoD rage videos – those guys will turn you into target practice 24/7. For the sake of your mental health, leave this alone.

(Video contains strong language.)

Dark Souls

People underestimate Dark Souls. How hard can a game be? The answer: f****ing hard.

Imagine spending two hours trying to beat a single boss to earn XP then accidentally falling off a ledge because you thought “I can totally make that jump” and then dying.

There are no retries or take backs, you are dead, try again Johnny.

Trying to summarise the chaos in Dark Souls is difficult, and even more difficult to explain to someone who has never played the game before. With two versions of the game out, and their multiple expansions, rather leave this one alone.

Which games should you not take up now, in your opinion? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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It’s too late to start playing these games

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