Which Mass Effect race are you?

You know how it goes:

You’re at your second cousin’s graduation cocktail party, when suddenly random people come up to you and ask: “Hey man, what alien species do you think you’d be in Mass Effect?”

Broken, and ashamed having never given the prospect any thought, you’re left with no choice but to commit seppuku in the middle of the lounge, spoiling the carpet with your plebeian blood and ruining your second cousin’s evening because now she has to clean up your shame.

Don’t be that guy – don’t be unprepared. Take our quiz and find out exactly which part of the Milky Way galaxy you would have called home, were you born into the world of Mass Effect. (Thresher Maws not included).

Mass Effect Thresher Maw

Hey, guys. Guys. Hey.

Which Mass Effect race are you?

Are you an amiable Asari? Or perhaps a belligerent Batarian? Take this quiz to determine which sector of the Mass Effect Galaxy you should call home.

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  • theseasonswither


  • Martin Sibara

    Oh yeah!!

  • Lionsheart85

    I was trying not to be human.

  • Vorastra

    Same. I’m ok with this.

  • asdfgh


  • Leon Cornelius

    Yeah I also got Quarian, shitty race but pretty much who I am 😀

  • CTN

    Quarian. Does anybody want to see what I look like under my suit?

  • Quentin Bauermeister


  • XenitXTD


  • Jim

    I Just want my Miranda

  • PorkChopNinja


  • PorkChopNinja

    Logical, forward and, admittedly, a bit awkward. You embody the traits of the Salarians. You’d much rather keep to the facts and pursue knowledge than waste your time with the frivolities of the other races. When confronted, you know there’s a better way out of a situation than simply tackling head on.

  • Unskinnybob


  • CTN

    think terminator (first movie).

  • Kuberkoos


  • Michael Mizell
Which Mass Effect race are you?

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