Fan remasterings and remakes – do you play them?

HD remake

Resident Evil’s HD remastering has just been released and already there’s buzz around the potential for its sequel to get the same treatment.

According to GameSpot, Capcom producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi has already said that a Resi-Evil 2 remake is a possibility if there was enough fan support behind the project.

Well, developer and YouTuber Rod Lima has basically beaten Capcom to the punch by recreating the old-school survival horror game in Unreal Engine 3.

Check out the walkthrough of Claire Redfield’s first scenario, below.

Some lighting niggles aside, that’s pretty damn impressive (and really makes me want to play the early Resi-Evils all over again).

Lima has made it clear he doesn’t own anything except the UnrealScript he wrote, and so far Capcom hasn’t sent lawyers his way. Maybe they can hire him for the project?

Fan re-makes and re-imaginings are nothing new, though these projects are rarely welcomed by the original developers.

Here are a few awesome re-makes, re-imaginings and fan-projects that have done or are doing the rounds.

Silent Hill: Alchemilla

Well punch my navel and call me Francesca, as if the Kojima-Del Torro Silent Hills scare fest isn’t enough to look forward to, a twisted fan of the foggy town has gone and created their own mod for Half-Life 2 called Silent Hill: Alchemilla.

The mod skips monsters and combat and instead focuses of mental survival and puzzle-solving – but it manages to capture the absolute horror of what makes Silent Hill (at least the earlier games) so damn creepy.

Black Mesa

This Half-Life mod effectively recreates the entire first game in Valve’s more modern Source Engine. There’s probably not a single Half-Life fan that doesn’t know about this ambitious project.

It was developed by a 40-person volunteer team, and was released (for free) in 2012 after being in development for the better part of a decade.

Jak II

Even though Jak II has its own remastered version by Naughty Dog and Sony, a fan rates he can do even better.

YouTuber Floordan released a video showing what the platfomer-cum-sandbox would look running on modern hardware (made in the CryEngine).

Naughty Dog’s co-president Evan Wells got very excited by the idea, but it looks unlikely that it will ever become more than a tech demo.

Monkey Island

Another game that eventually got its own official remastering, Monkey Island 2 got a bit of a re-imagining in the CryEngine.

Animation and visual effects designer Hannes Appell created a brief tour of what Scabb Island would look like in a 3D environment. It’s pretty damn awesome, even if the spirit of the title is a bit lost as soon as those fists enter the scene.

King’s Quest IX

Not as much a fan remake as it is a full-blown fan sequel, Phoenix Online Publishing developed a new King’s Quest game in 2000 that revisits a load of places covered in the series before.

Dubbed “The Silver Lining”, this fan project was in development for a decade, and then was promptly shut down by Activision after it acquired Vivendi (which owned Sierra, which owned the KQ franchise).

Against all odds, Activision eventually let the game release for free. In 2014 Activision got all the rights to the game, revived Sierra, and is now planning a new King’s Quest game.

The Silver Lining is still up for free, for now.

Are you a fan of remakes? Let us know in the comments and forums.

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Fan remasterings and remakes – do you play them?

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