Steam will control all PC gaming

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It’s official – Valve is trying to overtake the PC gaming world through Steam. Also, the company is breeding an army of underground crab-people, but that’s another article for another day.

We recently wrote about how Steam had reached 125 million active accounts, which means there are more PC gamers on the platform than there are people living in Germany.

While impressive, and making Valve lots of money, the differentiation between Steam and PC gaming can still be made – for now.

Steam’s world domination

Here’s my prediction: the term Steam gamer and PC gamer will become interchangeable. Basically, Steam will mean PC gaming, and vice-versa.

Forget Master Race, the new term will be Steam Race.

“Kevin, what do you know, you are a console peasant. Your PS4 performs the same as my gaming rig from 3 years ago,” says a friendly MyGaming reader.

Well, judging by Steam’s hardware and software announcements over the past week it is clear they are on the path to world domination (in PC gaming terms at least).

Take a tour below to see what I am talking about – all your PC gaming needs can be taken care of by Valve.

Source 2 and Steam games

Source 2 games in HD anyone?

Source 2 games anyone?

Valve recently announced that its Source engine will be free for game developers and that they wouldn’t have to pay royalties. The only condition, the game must be sold on Steam.

So, your games will be made with a Valve engine and sold on Valve’s Steam platform. Go ahead and tick the “Valve controls PC games” box.

What, you don’t want to tick the box? Okay – of the last 10 PC games you bought, how many were through Steam?

There we go, you can tick now – Valve takes a healthy chunk of the money those games make.

Steam Machines and Controllers

Steam Controller

Steam Controller

Steam Machines

Steam Machines

So, you have your Valve-engine game which you bought through Valve’s online gaming platform, but what will you play it on?

How about a gaming PC/console which Valve has branded and runs on an operating system it created.

With a slew of Steam Machines due to hit the market before the end of 2015, console and PC gamers alike will be playing their favourite titles on a Valve-endorsed machine in the near future.

The fact that you can lie down on the couch and use a Steam controller to play a huge library of games on a massive HD TV just sweetens the deal.

I understand the advantages of a keyboard and mouse, but I do enough sitting up straight at work while using those PC peripherals.

With Valve recently announcing a partnership with smartphone manufacturers HTC for a VR device, I have no doubt more companies will be willing to get on board with Valve and make PC gaming hardware for it.

Forget an Alienware Steam Machine or Asus ROG GR8S, it will just be the “Steam Machine”, sold by Valve and made up of the best components its manufacturing partners provide.

Go ahead and tick the “Valve made my PC” box.

Virtual Reality

Steam VR

Steam VR

If conventional gaming is not enough to keep you satisfied, Valve once again has the answer – the HTC Vive.

Built in partnership with Valve, the VR headset will take care of all your “I want to play games with a screen strapped to my face” needs.

Go ahead and tick the “Valve controls virtual reality” box.

The Steam era is coming

In summary: PC games will be made using Valve software, sold on Steam, played on Valve-sanctioned (and later manufactured) Steam Machines, and the best virtual reality experience on offer comes from, wait for it, Valve.

I rest my case.

Oh, and if you don’t become a Valve gamer, the company’s secret underground crab-people army will simply dispose of you.

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Steam will control all PC gaming

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