Accept it, Dota 2 is better than LoL

Dota 2

It’s almost time for TI5, and I thought it appropriate to rile up the crowds. It’s Dota season after all.

Everyone loves statistical fact; they’re unadulterated, inarguable and, usually, to the point. So let’s get right to them:

A largely pointless table
Game Concurrent Players
Twitch Views
DOTA 2 all-time peak 1,262,612 Fights with CS: GO for 2nd or 3rd spot each month
LoL approximately 7.5 million every day Consistently the most watched game on Twitch


By all objective measure, then, League of Legends is the superior game. It’s the most played, most viewed and maintains the largest cultural following, and by a good margin too. And yet, Dota 2 is still the better game.

*inb4 irate readers fast track to the comments or forum to express their disdain for my obvious bias* Let me make something clear right now. Impartiality is for the weak.

Like it or not, South Africa, suck as we might, is a bastion for Dota 2 – expect unabashed bias.

Granted, League of Legends, Dawngate, Heroes of Newerth and Heroes of the Storm have their strengths, but not like these they don’t.

Dota 2 is going to violate you in your uncomfortable place

Dota 2 is better than LoL

Games aren’t just won and lost in the draft, though that’s often the case, but the first and last 10 minutes of the game as well. And it can be for the smallest of faults.

Make no mistake, your opponents will be rewarded for their good play, and you will be punished for your mistakes, whether minor or egregious, and harshly.

That’s why, in spite of Dota 2’s decidedly slow pace when compared to LoL, it’s the more difficult game to master.

  • Beyond that, virtually every item has an active ability, meaning an additional six abilities for each hero.
  • With much higher costs-per-cast and subsequent cooldowns, longer stun times or much more impactful crowd control abilities, single spells can win entire fights.
  • The meta is far less fixed than in League of Legends, allowing for a great deal more ways to win, or go about winning should I say. That also means that you need a lot more experience and insight if you want to successfully thwart a huge number of ways to play each hero or lineup.
  • Then there’s creep denying, stacking and blocking, an asymmetrical map to contend with, destructible terrain to account for, and so much more. All of which gives you a lot more to think about and do.

You might then be asking yourself, why is harder better? Because it just is.

It’s more more challenging, more snobbish, for the elitists and lets you act like a pompous ass.

Harder is always better.

Voice chat: all the better to tell your teammates off with

Dota 2 is better than LoL

When you’re telling a teammate off for something they clearly did wrong because, of course, you’re omnipotent, omnipresent and incapable of fault, well it feels best when they can hear the hatred in your voice.

Sure, they can mute you, but not before they know that deep down inside, you reserve a special nugget of hatred just for them.

Louder is always better.

Money trumps everything

Dota 2 is better than LoL

The International offers an absurdly large prize pool, around $10 million last year and closing on $7 million for this year’s tournament, and there’s still a long way to go. It will very likely go way past last year’s.

Granted, League of Legends and Riot Games give away more money throughout the year, over many tournaments. But as everyone knows…

Bigger is always better.

Free-to-play is the same as being free, but for chumps

Dota 2 is better than LoL

League of Legends is a free-to-play game; Dota 2 is free.

What’s the difference? Free-to-play suggests a game that is free to play, but that you need to invest money in to gain the full experience.

If you want to play as one of the many champions available, you’re going to have to cash out for them. It’s either that or a lot of grinding.

Dota 2, on the other hand, has nothing purchasable that can affect the game. That’s why it’s free.

Every hero is available from the outset, with cosmetics (otherwise known as hats) being the only items purchasable.

Free is always better.

It’s like a Ferrari, more exclusive



Less people play Dota 2. That means it’s more exclusive. Don’t argue with me on this.

For those of you who want to argue that a larger community has its benefits.

Dota 2 is better than LoL

I’m not listening.

Exclusive is always better.

I rest my case.

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Accept it, Dota 2 is better than LoL

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