PlayStation One Games that need to be remastered

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No DLC, no massive patches and no nonsense; just good old split screen multiplayer and solid gaming experiences: the good old PlayStation One was the console that brought so many of us into the fold.

As a huge fan of the console, I could live in the past forever, but why should you care?

Given how frequently titles from the PS2 and PS3 are remastered and re-released, I thought I’d talk about some of the PS1 games that need remastering.

The feels. That’s nostalgia for you.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania, one of the greatest childhood franchises of all time.

Originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Castlevania found its way to the PlayStation One in 1997.

Here, it made its debut with Symphony of the Night, retaining all of its classic platforming, voice acting and Dracula of course.

Even in the face of supposedly 3D visuals by the competition, the game featured a 16-bit-like art style, but why? Because it still looked great, didn’t hamper the performance as much, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

To re-release Symphony of the Night would mean keeping the classic core of the game intact, while fixing the horrendous load times and perhaps giving it a new coat of paint.

This would be a remaster for the ages and should even put some of today’s best titles to shame.

Or perhaps Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is that game, of sorts.

Vagrant Story

Vagrant Story

Vagrant Story

The last Squaresoft game to release on the PlayStation One and ultimate mash-up of everything Squaresoft had learned during the console’s life cycle, all wrapped into one.

Vagrant Story featured a battle system very similar to Final Fantasy XII. And its dungeon crawling approach focused on a heavily invested narrative, eerie undertones, many a puzzle and so much more.

You could attack individual body parts in battle, use a number of spell and ability types, and chain together attacks to deal blows of varying effect.

Vagrant Story was tough, and to make it worse, the lack of frequent save points made this a pretty harsh experience, one that we we’re probably not accustom to anymore.

Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing

Mario might have been the Kart King of the Nintendo, but when Crash Team Racing, A.K.A CTR landed, he got his ass kicked all the way back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

It was the best kart racer on the PlayStation One, and many still consider it the best kart racer of all time.

Choosing from any of the infamous Crash Bandicoot characters, you were placed in the adventure arena allowing you to drive anywhere you wanted, take part in a humorous adventure and unlock races in a number of orders.

Each race would require you to complete three objectives: collect the CTR letters scattered around the track, come first, and beat the time challenge.

What made CTR so appealing was its easy and smooth driving and its uncomplicated races. It was the ultimate arcade kart racer that anyone could pick up and play.

It had iconic boss races, hidden tracks and a world that paid tribute to the great franchise.




Tomba, the pink haired wildling, sets out to stop the Evil Swine, return stolen gold and recover his gold bracelet, given to him by his father.

The game was one of a kind: it merged an RPG quest system with puzzles, platforming, a vibrant world and pigs.

Tomba, or Tombi (depending on the region you lived in), was an adorable young boy with animal instincts and sharp teeth.

He would jump on top of enemies and innocent civilians alike, or otherwise gnaw on their heads, to deal damage. He could use a wide range of weapons like a blackjack, boomerang, grapple and modified versions of them like the ice boomerang and grapplejack.

The game was tough as the platforming required a fast finger, especially when it came to those darn lava caves that you needed to grapple your way through.

The game’s success lead to a sequel called Tomba 2, this sequel left the 2D sprite visuals behind and went in the 3D direction whilst still maintaining the original’s platforming and evil pig scenario.

I would give anything to see Tomba again; it was my personal favourite PS1 series.

Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis

If Resident Evil and Jurassic Park had a love child, Dino Crisis would be the result. The game virtually copied the Resident Evil series, but instead of flesh eating zombies, it had flesh eating dinosaurs.

Its point and shoot gameplay was true to the Capcom name. Not only did it carry across the gore, but it really felt like a re-skinned Resident Evil, in a good way.

That being said, it was relentless as you faced velociraptors by the dozens and even took on the T-Rex with nothing but a pistol.

Dino Crisis went onto receive two sequels, one of which released on the PlayStation One. Dino Crisis, Dino Crisis 2, and Dino Crisis 3 would make the perfect collection, all bundled into one, don’t you think?

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX

We all know how great Final Fantasy VII was, but I have to say that without a doubt Final Fantasy IX was so much better. Maybe I am just one for a more classic fantasy than that of the mechanical take on Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy IX saw Zidane and co. set out on a journey to stop the Queen Barhne of Alexandria from summoning the Eidolons and destroying the realm. Later on we discover that the real enemy is Kuja, an extremely feminine male that is as evil as he is fabulous.

The lush world of Gaia was a thrill to explore, the soundtrack was as true to a Final Fantasy title as ever, and the cast was one of the strongest in the series, Vivi, ’nuff said!

Honourable Mentions

  • Breath of Fire III
  • Chrono Cross
  • Chocobo Racing
  • Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

If you had to have any PlayStation One title remastered and in all of its glory once more, what would it be? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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PlayStation One Games that need to be remastered

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