The 5 best Gamescom videos you just have to watch

5 best Gamescom videos you just have to watch - Crackdown 3

Europe’s biggest gaming expo and serious E3 rival, Gamescom, has been the show-ground for a lot of new announcements, reveals and gameplay demonstrations, giving gamers a glimpse of what’s to come in the foreseeable future.

We rounded up the five best trailers and gameplay videos from all of the press conferences for your viewing pleasure.

These are the games we just cannot wait to hear more from and, eventually, play:


Microsoft brought down the house with its upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Scalebound.

Coming from Platinum Games (of Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising fame), Scalebound is sure to bring a number of new and old gamers to Microsoft’s latest console.

It looks to combine intense action, a few RPG mechanics for good measure, interesting and, frankly, awesome systems (like controlling a freaking DRAGON!) and interesting characters with its dragon-fuelled and hack-‘n-slash gameplay.

It’s got a little bit of an anime-inspired atmosphere to it, and we like that.

Quantum Break

With Sony not holding its own press conference this year, it gave Microsoft ample opportunity to show off some more of its upcoming Xbox One titles, and Quantum Break was another that got a great reception.

From developers Remedy (the guys responsible for Max Payne and Alan Wake), Quantum Break is a new third-person action game which allows players to use time as a main weapon.

Don’t, however, think that you, as Jack, are the sole user of time abilities.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

Simply known as Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, the new game sees the return of the heroine Faith and her free-running antics.

In the pre-alpha gameplay footage, below, we see Faith infiltrate a skyscraper using her trademark parkour skills in a cut-down version of a full mission in the game.

Faith eventually discovers a secret lab where something a little suspect seems to be taking place, which sets her off on a glorious run full of kicking henchmen in the face and through windows, or both – it’s pretty spectacular.

Crackdown 3

The third instalment of the superpowered Crackdown franchise was also finally shown off, and it really came in with a bang.

Fully destructible environments unlike any other, multiplayer and a massive city are only some of the incredible features that await us in Crackdown 3.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Of course, Metal Gear Solid V was always going to be a highlight of the show, and Konami’s massive and highly-anticipated MGS sequel delivered on all fronts.

A glorious, dramatic and action-packed trailer showcased what lies ahead for the tactical espionage series when it releases later this year.

So what were some of your favourite demonstrations made at Gamescom’s press conferences?

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The 5 best Gamescom videos you just have to watch

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