Local Black Friday deals for gamers

Black Friday, the Friday following Thanksgiving in the United States, has become synonymous with absurd discounts for a wide array of gadgets, technology and (for you gamers out there) games.

And while it might be at its best in the US, it hasn’t stopped local stores from participating in the culture of it all; it’s something we’re completely on board with – go figure.

So we thought we’d help our fellow gamers out by pointing out those retailers participating, where you might score a few fantastic deals.


Evetech - Black Friday Deals

One of the finest purveyors of pre-built rigs and hardware components, Evetech’s Black Friday deal is much more a black weekend.

Starting on Friday and extending until Midnight on Sunday, there’s sure to be some good deals awaiting.



Dealing in locally sold as well as imported electronics, books, fan paraphernalia, games and everything else you might need, Raru’s Black Friday deals last for the single day.

It starts at 7AM and runs until 10PM, so be sure to check it out.

Dion Wired


As one of the country’s largest retailers of digital goods and technology, Dion Wired’s participation in Black Friday is exciting to be sure.



Having started on Tuesday, November 24th, FirstShop is already in the swing of things, and their tech deals will continue until December 1st.


BidorBuy - Black Friday

While BidorBuy is offering a lot more than we’re interested in, there are a few consoles, notebooks and other odds and ends with serious discounts attached to their usual prices.

You’ve got until Sunday.

HiFi Corp

HiFi Corp - Black Friday

HiFi Corp is offering up to 85% off a number of gadgets and selected electronics brands.

They’re not saying what, but the deal does last just the one day. Tomorrow.


Wootware - Black Friday

One of our most mentioned online technology and PC component retailers Wootware will also be celebrating Black Friday, and it’ll last the one day.

Wootware have also mentioned that competitions will be announced on the day, so we’d advise watching the site regularly.


Rebeltech - Black Friday

Perhaps our favourite online retailer, Rebeltech will also be participating in Black Friday; it too will last just the one day.

Going by the store’s past, expect some real zingers tomorrow.


Xbox - Black Friday

Because of course Xbox is going to take part in Black Friday.

Sporting discounts of up to 60% for Gold members and ending on November 30th, it’s certainly worth checking out.



For one day only, Game will be participating in Black Friday and, as a result, offering a number of goods at noticeable discounts.

Should we uncover any more sales, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Take Loot and Takealot, for example. While neither is advertising Black Friday (as far as we can see), we wouldn’t be surprised to see sales pop up tomorrow.

Feel free to leave the links to other retailers in the forum post, and let everyone get in on a little Black Friday action.

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Local Black Friday deals for gamers

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