Classic PlayStation villains we miss most

Irrespective of how long you’ve been gaming for, there’s always a villain or two who stood out among the rest, for whatever reason.

We’re not just talking about the villains that gave you something to fight for, though that is pretty important, but those villains who were all the memorable simply because they were the ones who most impacted you while your love for gaming grew.

For many of us, it started with the PlayStation One, the console that brought so many of us into the fold. That said, thinking back, very few of those villains survive today, snuffed out long before the days of the PS3 and PS4.

This is a list of the PlayStation villains we miss most:

Spyro – Ripto, Sorceress, Gnasty Gnorc

Spyro Ripto

Spyro the Dragon had various villains across its early entries in the franchise. It started with Gnasty Gnorc, an Orc set on the destruction of the Dragons. He first appeared in the original Spyro the Dragon, the first ever Spyro game released on the PlayStation.

Gnorc also made cameo appearances in a few follow up titles like Spyro: A Hero’s Tail.

Ripto was probably Spyro’s greatest opponent in the series. He first appeared in the second title, Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage, but went on to return in Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly on PlayStation 2 as the main antagonist.

Ripto was a tiny little dragon with a big attitude problem. His henchman, Crush and Gulp, also gave Spyro a hard time throughout the second instalment in the game.

The last title on PlayStation was Spyro: Year of the Dragon and it served as the introduction to the Sorceress, a malicious queen with the hunger for power.

She, like Ripto, was a dictator that instead of going out and fighting Spyro herself, relied on the help from her henchman, the Rhynocs, to get the job done.

Her quest of immortality drove her to the brink of insanity, only to be cured by a swift head butt from none other than our favourite purple dragon.

Croc – Baron Dante

Croc Baron Dante

Baron Dante first appeared in the Croc series back on the original PlayStation.

He was the main antagonist in Croc: Legends of the Gobbos and Croc 2. Baron Dante and his army of Dantinis were hell bent taking over the Gobbo Valley, which led to the capture and imprisonment of the Gobbos.

That’s where Croc came in, on a quest to save the king of the Gobbos, King Rufus, and free all of the Gobbos that had been locked up along the way.

Baron Dante returned in the second instalment in the series, Croc 2. This time, Croc was searching for his missing parents, and got caught up with saving Professor Gobbo from the clutches of Baron Dante who had been revived from the grave by his followers, the Dratinis.

He now went by the name Baron Dante 2, but not for long as Croc soon banished him to another dimension.

Crash Bandicoot – Dr. Neo Cortex

Dr. Neo Cortex

Dr. Neo Cortex, also known as N. Cortex, or just Cortex; now, he was a villain to reminisce over.

As the primary antagonist of the Crash Bandicoot series, and the creator of Crash bandicoot himself, he appeared in in almost every single Crash Bandicoot title, even the spin off games like Crash Team Racing, and Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto’s Rage, the spin off that crossed the world of Spyro and Crash.

Cortex was a maniac who thought extremely high of himself. And like any good classic villain, he was driven by world domination.

Cortex went from using time to take over the world, to manipulating other scientists like N.Gin and Dr. Nitro Brio to believe that they were in partnerships, only to let them down once they completed the job, which normally resulted in failure anyway.

Dr. Cortex was the highlight character of the Crash Bandicoot franchise, sans the beloved Crash of course.

MediEvil – Zarok the Sorcerer


Honestly, back when I first played MediEvil, I really had no idea if Zarok was a male or a female character.

The antagonist in the series wears a purple skirt and way too much makeup for someone that evil.

Zarok was King Peregrin’s advisor, who began experiments on the bodies of the dead for a number of insidious reasons. When the king found out, he banished Zorak from the land and ordered the knights to destroy all of his experiments.

Being the evil villain he was, Zorak vowed to seek revenge for this atrocity and summoned the Shadow Demons to aid him take over the land.

Little did he know that by resurrecting the dead, he resurrected the one man who could stop him, Sir Daniel Fortesque.

Tombi – The Evil Swine

Tombi - Evil Swine

It might sound a bit weird, but the Evil Pigs in Tombi and Tombi 2 were some of the most iconic villains in the days of PlayStation.

Tomba, the protagonist, had to first find the Evil Pig Bag for each pig, before the Evil Pig Gate would appear to the pig’s lair.

We know it might sound very “pig” orientated, and that’s because it is. The entire series revolved around this world that had been taken over by rather adorable but definitely evil pigs, what could be better than that?

Ape Escape – Spector

Ape Escape Spector

If pigs where not random enough, what about apes? Yes, Ape Escape was the first ever title on the PlayStation to make use of the DualShock controller, and it was one of the best adventure titles on the console.

The game followed Spike as he travelled through time to catch evil apes who had escaped thanks to the help of their leader Spector, a show monkey that was tired of the life of a cage.

Spector was the most intelligent out of them all thanks to the help from a device known as the Peak Point Helmet, which enhanced his intelligence upon wearing it. It also allowed him to control an army of apes.

Needless to say, Spike travelled through time before confronting him and knocking him down to size, he then landed up back in a cage at the zoo.

These are the villains we most identify with from the PlayStation era, not on a personal level of course (we’re not immoral or evil nut jobs), but because these are the villains we grew up with. And we’re sure you have your own.

So, share them. Who are the villains you grew up fighting, classic or contemporary? Was it the psychotic, egomaniacal Kefka, or was Mother Brain the arch enemy of your day?

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Classic PlayStation villains we miss most

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