Games you can play this week – fighters and fear

This week sees the return of a fighting veteran, as well as some new horrors to keep your February rolling on.

Here are the picks of the game releases this week:

Street Fighter V – February 16

(PS4, PC)

Street Fighter is one of the longest running fighting game franchises around, with its first release as far back as 1987.

The fact that this is only the fifth official entry (spin-offs not included) is a testament to how well each game has held up over the year, and just how many tweaked re-releases there have been.

This time round, Sony scored a console exclusive contract (and not the timed exclusive kind), limiting the game to only the PS4 and PC. Still, it’s a pretty safe bet for those looking for a new epic fighting game.

Street Fighter V changes things up with the introduction of some new gameplay elements like interactive stages. Not to change a winning formula too much, the EX gauge remains, allowing fighters to perform special moves or critical arts.

What shakes up the gameplay the most, however, is the new “V-Gauge”. This gauge builds as players receive attacks from their opponent, and it adds V-Skills, V-Reversals and V-Triggers to fights.

Best of all is that Capcom will allow players to earn most, if not all, of the DLC made available by simply playing the game, removing the need to make any additional purchases (or micro-transactions) if they’d prefer not to.

Layers of Fear – February 16

(PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Layers of Fear examines what loss can do to a person.

In it, you play a formerly renowned painter on a downward spiral, after a series of tragic events have left his life in shambles.

The loss of his fame and his family has set him on the path to madness. All he has left is his art, but is that enough?

In order to survive Layers of Fear, you must explore the painter’s Victorian mansion, searching for personal items to learn more about his journey.

As you move through his house, psychedelic visions and curious phenomena begin to occur.

Inspired by the paintings of Goya, Bruegel, Rubens and others, the house has been designed to give a unique and unsettling atmosphere.

Become the artist by succumbing to his madness and help him finish his Magnum Opus and figure out his true purpose.

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Games you can play this week – fighters and fear

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