3 violent comic-book games worth playing

While superheroes and comic book protagonists can be colourful, often spandexed, luminaries, many also have a vicious and violent side to them (especially in the comic books themselves).

In honour of that, we’ve taken a look at the three most violent comic book games that you can, and should, play:

Deadpool (2013)

(PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

As you’d expect, Deadpool is a pretty decent action game, combining gunplay with hacking-‘n’-slashing (which results in some pretty insane dismemberment and gore), but what really makes it worth playing is how outrageously funny it is.

Deadpool himself (voiced by Uncharted‘s Nolan North) narrates and comments on just about everything you do during the course of the game, his good and bad conscience providing constant entertainment, even in the most mundane of times, such as an elevator sequence.

If that wasn’t appealing enough, Deadpool has a habit of breaking the fourth wall on a number of occasions, to hilarious effect

From prodding the health-bar to making cheeky comments about the button commands on screen, Deadpool takes all of the hand-holding of contemporary video games and completely parodies it, making you realise just how ridiculous some modern games actually are.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Uncaged Edition (2009)

(PS3, Xbox 360)

The lame “Uncaged” subtitle represents the ultimate in gory, uncensored and brutally beautiful violence and dismemberment you’ve ever laid your eyes on. After all, this was from the same guys who made Soldier of Fortune.

I think they captured his true personality. For example, Wolverine regularly tears helicopter-pilots through their windscreen and shoves their soon-to-be decapitated heads into the spinning blades.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine combines platforming, puzzles and most importantly, combat. Wolverine is ultimately a ‘kill-all-and-ask-questions-later’ kinda guy; therefore, the hack-and-slash elements of the game fit the overall purpose and intent pretty well.

The game showed what super-hero games should be all about. Not becoming too attached to its cinematic counterpart and instead incorporating Wolverine’s comic-book brutality and animalistic attributes is what made the game exceed expectations.

The Punisher (2005)

(PS2, PC, Xbox 360)

A hidden gem of 2015. The violent The Punisher video game, exclusively designed for adult players, was released by Volition, Inc. In it, players took control of the vigilante hero to track down criminals and make them pay for their deeds.

The game’s story is a loose mixture of the 2004 film, as well as the 2000 mini-series, Welcome Back, Frank, written by Garth Ennis and pencilled by Steve Dillon, wherein the character has no aversion to committing acts of extreme (if not gratuitous) violence.

Thomas Jane, who portrayed the title role in the 2004 The Punisher film also provides the voice of The Punisher in the game.

The game allowed players to execute the wrongdoers in the most outrageous, yet inventive ways possible. Throwing bad guys into a shark tank? Sending them through a wood chipper? Using their heads as piñata? The choice is yours.

Article originally published on MenStuff.co.za.

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3 violent comic-book games worth playing

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