Tips on how to get the most out of The Division

The Division

At first glance Tom Clancy’s The Division can be intimidating, the game has some pretty big land to cover, a deep loot system, and some skill mechanics that take some time to get used to.

However, after playing the game non-stop for 24 hours, I have a few tips which could help you understand that one mechanic that is still confusing to you.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of The Division.

Always search for loot boxes

If you are exploring an area or doing a mission, and see a room on the map that is purple, then that means that there are items in there you want.

The same goes for walking around New York City, as there are various boxes around the city which contain food, which helps boost stats, and crafting materials, which you need to craft higher-level weapons and gear.

Don’t just walk past a mechanic’s workshop, there are tools in there, and even if you have dozens of green tools, you can merge them to make blue ones, and merge the blue ones to make orange ones, and so on.  It is an RPG and looting boxes is essential.

Do every little mission 

In order to find the side missions that are scattered around the city, you will first need to find a Situations Board in your Base of Operations.

Once scanned, the map will now show side missions and encounters near the Situations Board you just scanned. Do not expect it to reveal missions that are in the top right corner of the map, as each board works off a specific district.

There is so much to do in the game while exploring and I recommend that you always have a side mission or encounter on. This is also a great way to get gear, credits and level up.

Keep in mind that you can also replay main missions on higher difficulties for better loot and credits.

Be warned though, the game does not go easy on players. I would recommend getting a team together to take on harder missions and higher difficulties as the rewards are worth the struggle.

How to get credits and XP faster

If you think you need more money, then there is a way to gain a little bit more when you are going about your daily business.

What you want to do is unlock the Counselling Wing in the Medical Wing. This will increase your credit gains by 10% for every mission and side mission you complete.

Although it might not seem like a bag of dough, 10% all adds up after 5 hours of playing the game.

If you want extra XP, then I recommend looking for equipment which has the “gain XP” perk, this will increase XP gains all-round for everything you do.

We all know how long it takes to level up while just exploring, so this comes in handy.

Go crazy on the Ubisoft Club Store

If you have played every Ubisoft game under the sun, then you probably have a few thousand credits to use in the Ubisoft Club.

The built-in app allows you to purchase cool things for the game like starter packs of grenades, customisation items, crafting kits and Phoenix Credits.

Before you go about buying anything with Ubisoft’s “in-game purchases”, rather start off in the Ubisoft Club and see what you can get.

I picked up two entire outfits, one for playing Tom Clancy’s: Rainbow Six Siege and another exclusive Ubisoft Club outfit.

Crafting is sometimes better than buying

One thing I love about MMO-styled games are their deep crafting systems and while The Division’s is not as deep as The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (ESOTU), it still rewards you with great gear for your hard work.

There are various crafting materials which you find in the world, which can be found by deconstructing weapons and gear by holding R3 on them.

There is a great chance that a deconstructed item will yield materials so go ahead and get rid of them if you want to build a weapon rather than buy one.

The crafting merchant is found in the Base of Operations and he will need two things in order to make something for you.

First off, you will need the blueprint for the item in order to build it, then the materials, and once you have both, you can go ahead and craft the item you want.

I found that at times the weapons and gear I could craft was better than the merchant’s gear he was selling. Swop back and forth to see who has the best gear before making a decision.

Eat energy bars and use that ammunition

At first, you might think that the water bottles and energy bars you find in the game do nothing, but they are actually vital to survival at times.

If you are low on health, or are in an intense battle, then always keep a consumable on hand to help you. The consumables do the following when used:

  • Canned Food – +40% Healing Effect
  • Energy Bar – Removes Status Effect
  • Water – +20% Damage to Elite Enemies
  • Soda – +30% Skill Cooldown Reduction

As for the ammunition types, explosive bullets have a chance to explode when used and incendiary bullets have a chance to burn enemies when shot.

You can use these items by holding down the right D-Pad and selecting the item you want to use.

Stand in a queue

There are moments in the game when you might not be able to get to an objective because there are hundreds of other players in the way.

This is okay. Just get in the line and wait like a normal human being. We live in South Africa and we deal with Home Affairs so this is nothing!

So there you have a few tips that will come in handy in The Division. Are you playing the game? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Tips on how to get the most out of The Division

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