Games that will destroy your controllers

Everyone has a little temper in them, and when it comes to games getting the best of us, we let that angry side show sometimes.

Regardless of what type of gamer you are or what games you play, when something is too difficult we humans have been known to rage a little.

With the release of Dark Souls III around the corner, I thought it would be ideal to highlight a few recent games that have come along and caused major harm to our heart rate.

You might have broken a few controllers and keyboards while playing them – but we did too, so we won’t judge.

Super Meat Boy

super meat boy

Trust me, you will feel like him after playing it.

Originally released in 2010, Super Meat Boy made its appearance again this generation. The game is a fast-paced platformer designed to make every split second count.

Being quick on the button is key to getting through the game, as you sprint and leap over blades, run up walls, and avoid spikes all to save the damsel in distress. The thing is, not every level goes as planned.

The game is designed in such a way that you will run into that damned blade over and over again, and just when you have made it over it, there will be spike waiting to impale you.

As much as it is frustrating, the game is great – but you might crack a controller against the wall every now and then.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Realistic Mode

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Review

Yes, even he will die in one shot, armour and all

For those of you who always complain that Call of Duty is not realistic enough – well in Black Ops III, there was a difficulty level which was the closest thing you were going to get to realism.

Realistic mode was the hardest mode in the game, and came with a one shot kill mechanic. Be it in the arm or the eye – if you got shot, you were dead. This basically meant that you spent the entire game cowering behind cover.

At least the game loaded pretty quickly when you died, so you could just keep retrying the same area until you came out on top. The issue here is that many of the levels had pretty big gun fights with huge explosions – one touch of that flame and you’re dead too.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls 3

I surrender to you Dark Souls!

The mother of unforgiving gaming has managed to make an impact that no one saw coming back when the original Demon’s Souls released on the PS3.

Not even the studio behind the game thought it was going to be successful, but I guess we are just suckers for extremely hard games.

If you have never played a Dark Souls game before, imagine going through a game earning XP, thinking you are really good at it.

You then enter a room and a boss appears, who brings you down to size by throwing you in a corner and destroying all of your hopes and dreams.

Dark Souls is like life, you’re either good at it or things just always go terribly wrong.

Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy

Complete chaos!

With the success of Dark Souls, quite a few games have followed its relentless gameplay and risk system. Rogue Legacy is basically a Dark Souls platform game.

Playing as a random knight, you enter a castle and face off against 4 environments, its creatures and its boss. You will jump around and melee enemies, use magic and items, and at the same time deal with your knight’s affliction.

Everytime you die, and you will die, you will then get the ability to spend your hard-earned coins on abilities and stat boosts. The issue here is that if you are 10 gold short, then you will have to throw all your money away and start fresh.

To make matters worse, every time you die the castle resets and gets randomly generated again.

The Evil Within Akumu Mode

The Evil Within

How you feel in the game, really!

Horrors are great and tough, but imagine them being even worse than hard – as in one hit and death hard. The Evil Within’s Akumu mode was unlocked after you beat the game, and came with a one hit kill system.

Whether you were shot with an arrow or hit over the head with a bottle, if an enemy damaged you, you were dead. To make matters worse, the game’s checkpoint system placed checkpoints so far apart that you would spend a couple of hours on one section.

In addition to this, the enemies were faster, had more health, and came in bigger waves. Ammo was harder to find, and traps were all randomly placed. It was like the world was out to get you.

The game was already challenging as I played it on hard, but I could not even handle the idea of dying in one hit.

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends

Lies, all lies!

Rayman might seem like a cute game where things are easy and life is dandy, but it is not! Underneath all that water paint and great platforming is a relentless and soul-sucking video game that will ruin your life.

Now I am not talking about the campaign, as that is pretty fun. But when it comes to the weekly and daily challenge modes, that is where the true evil comes alive.

In order to platinum the game, you need to reach the highest rank in the mode.

This means competing against ghosts’ data in a daily challenge mode where players will try and get the most kills or best time in a randomly generated level.

So each day you would log in and play the same level over and over again to try and get the best score.

This would mean mastering every single jump and dash, knowing every single route, and perfecting it all to come out on top.

The next day, guess what? There will be a new level to do it all over again on.

Have you ever raged so much as to cause damage to your hardware? On what games? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Games that will destroy your controllers

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