Cheapest uncapped fibre available in South Africa

Fibre, ADSL and Mobile - a rating of local broadband services

Fibre used to be a pipe-dream in South Africa, but as coverage rolls out across the country it has become a serious competitor to the country’s ADSL offerings.

Of course with the increased size of gaming downloads and the ability to now access most of your entertainment through sites like Netflix and Showmax, faster download speeds and uncapped data has become a necessity.

We looked at the cheapest uncapped Fibre-to-the-Home offerings per download speed from prominent providers and compared them to the price of Telkom’s uncapped ADSL and VDSL services (including line rental).

Below is the price comparison for 4Mbps, 10Mbps, 20Mbps and 40Mbps download speeds:



Data Allowance

Total Monthly Price
Axxess Axxess FTTH 4Mbps Uncapped R325
Vox Telecom Vumatel FTTH 4Mbps Uncapped R499
Smart Village FTTH 4Mbps Uncapped R584
Telkom ADSL 4Mbps Uncapped R286
Axxess Axxess FTTH 10Mbps Uncapped R495
Cool Ideas Octotel FTTH 10Mbps Uncapped R599
iConnect Telecoms Fibrehoods FTTH 10Mbps Uncapped R629
Greencom FTTH 10Mbps Uncapped R684
Smart Village FTTH 10Mbps Uncapped R899
Telkom ADSL 10Mbps Uncapped R574
CipherWave Vumatel FTTH 20Mbps Uncapped R648
iConnect Telecoms Fibrehoods FTTH 20Mbps Uncapped R729
Cool Ideas Octotel FTTH 20Mbps Uncapped R799
Axxess Axxess FTTH 20Mbps Uncapped R955
Smart Village FTTH 20Mbps Uncapped R1,223
Telkom VDSL 20Mbps Uncapped R999
iConnect Telecoms FTTH 40Mbps Uncapped R929
Axxess Axxess FTTH 40Mbps Uncapped R1,295
Telkom VDSL 40Mbps Uncapped R1,439

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Cheapest uncapped fibre available in South Africa

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