Broforce earned SA developer Free Lives over R30 million

SA developed Broforce launches to brolliant reviews

Free Lives has already earned about $3 million (USD) from Broforce, the director of the studio, Evan Greenwood, has told MyGaming.

At the time of writing that comes to around R45 million, but Broforce earned the money over time, and the rand wasn’t always as weak as it is today (R15/$).

Greenwood wasn’t just willing to tell us how much their epic game has made, but let us in on what they are working on, what their favourite platform is to develop for, and how they feel about DLC and in-app purchases.

What are you working on right now?

Free Lives is currently in a phase of research and development. We’re exploring a lot of possibilities as well as developing our own skills.

One of the small games we will be pursuing is “Genital Jousting”, however we have several in various stages of development.

Do you make enough money to keep making games for the foreseeable future?

Yes. We shouldn’t run out of money in the next few years even without additional revenue streams.

How much have you made from Broforce to-date?

About $3 Million.

Are you hiring?

We are between projects, and will only likely be hiring when we require additional skills. So no, not unless someone with exceptional skills presents themselves.

What skills are you looking for in a new employee?

We want to hire new employees who have a wide range of skills and interests, who are good at communication and are self-motivated.

At the same time we want employees to bring something to the team that we don’t already have, each new employee needs to be excellent at one thing while have interests in many other aspects of game development.

Outside of the technical and creative skills needed to do the job, which skills should someone aiming to be a game developer master?

Communication, positivity and willpower. We want to work with people who make the people around them be more inspired.

Free Lives Broforce team

The Broforce team at Free Lives

How do you feel about downloadable content, in-app purchases, and in-game currency you can buy with real money?

It really depends on how it’s implemented. These aren’t monetization strategies we’ve tried ourselves.

We’re quite happy with the Disneyland approach, i.e. The pay-an-upfront-price-and-then-you-get-everything-within-for-free approach.

Which is your favourite platform to develop for?

PC has been the most enjoyable platform to develop for. It’s far easier to engage with players on Windows/Mac/Linux than it is on any console or on mobile.

How has gaming changed between when you first started playing games, and when you started making games?

Gaming is massively more democratised these days, both in the development and in the playing.

Have the changes in the medium and industry been for the better?


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SA developed Broforce launches to bro-lliant reviews

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Broforce earned SA developer Free Lives over R30 million

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