High-quality PC gaming gadgets for under R800

ROG Strix Wireless gaming headset

Peripherals are an important and often overlooked part of PC gaming – and despite the old adage regarding shoddy craftsmen and tools, we doubt many professional Counter-Strike players are as formidable when they’re playing using a steering wheel or a laptop touch pad.

Peripherals are the tools players use to interface with games, and they can make a big difference depending on their quality and specifications.

Although most top-quality accessories are relatively expensive, there are a few reliable and decent peripherals available in a more reasonable price range.

Check out these high-quality and high-value PC gaming gadgets:

XEOX PRO Wireless Gamepad – R549

The Xeox Pro Wireless Gamepad delivers the convenience of an Xbox 360 gamepad with added reliability and compatibility.

SpeedLink Xeox

Razer Goliathus Mouse Pad – R371

The Goliathus Mouse Pad comes in many different variations – each catered to a different play style.

Razer Goliathus

ROCCAT Apuri Mouse Bungee – R355

The Apuri Mouse Bungee doubles as a powered USB HUB, allowing gamers to minimise mouse cable drag and organise USB devices effectively.

Roccat Bungee

Seagate 320GB External HDD – R673

Seagate’s FreeAgent Go external HDD delivers the brand’s reliability in an affordable, although relatively small package.

SeaGate FreeAgent Pro

SteelSeries KANA V2 Gaming Mouse – R797

A gaming mouse is one of the most important accessories that PC gamers can purchase, as it offers an increased level of accuracy and control. The Kana V2 is a good quality device which is priced very reasonably.

Steelseries Kana v2

Corsair Raptor K30 Keyboard – R774

The Corsair Raptor K30 gaming keyboard is not a mechanical keyboard, although it offers a similar degree of control and features anti-ghosting and many customisation options.

Corsair K30

Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick – R708

The Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick is a widely available and high-value gaming joystick that is compatible with a large variety of games.

Logitech JoyStick

SteelSeries Siberia 100 Headset – R811

Alright, so the Sibera 100 is just over R800 – but when you are buying a gaming headset, a decent-quality device will serve you far better than a second-rate one.

The Siberia has the exceptional build quality and sound that SteelSeries is known for.

Siberia 100 Gaming Headset

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High-quality PC gaming gadgets for under R800

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