Cheapest uncapped ADSL for gaming in South Africa

Capped and uncapped ADSL prices of ISPs compared

MyGaming recently published the latest speed test results from MyBroadband which showed that Cybersmart and MWEB offer the lowest average latency on ADSL and VDSL.

Other Internet service providers (ISPs) that performed well in terms of average latency included Internet Solutions, Telkom, Afrihost, and Axxess.

To see which of these ISPs offer the best value, we compared their various capped offerings, using Crystal Web and Web Africa as examples of service providers that use Internet Solutions.

While capped accounts will arguably offer the best performance for gamers, there are uncapped DSL accounts which promise good gaming performance too.

Typically these are the “premium” or “business” uncapped products of an ISP. MWEB, Telkom, and Web Africa were the exception.

MWEB and Web Africa state that their normal home uncapped bundles are suitable for gaming, while Telkom only offers one type of bundle for home usage.

Cheapest uncapped VDSL bundles for gaming

The table below ranks the VDSL bundles of the ISPs by the price of the bundle per megabit per second of bandwidth received.

Uncapped VDSL service
Price (ZAR)
Cybersmart Business Uncapped 40Mbps R1,253 R31
Afrihost Premium 40Mbps R1,747 R44
Axxess Premium 40Mbps R1,799 R45
Cybersmart Business Uncapped 20Mbps R958 R48
Web Africa 40Mbps R1,925 R48
MWEB 40Mbps R1,934 R48
Telkom do Uncapped Elite Plus (40Mbps) R2,038 R51
Afrihost Premium 20Mbps R1,297 R65
Axxess Premium 20Mbps R1,299 R65
MWEB 20Mbps R1,324 R66
Web Africa 20Mbps R1,425 R71
Crystal Web Premium 40Mbps R2,898 R72
Telkom do Uncapped Elite (20Mbps) R1,498 R75

Cheapest uncapped ADSL bundles for gaming

The table below ranks the ADSL bundles of the ISPs by the price of the bundle per megabit per second of bandwidth received.

1Mbps and 2Mbps services are excluded, as these are typically not listed as services suitable for gaming.

Uncapped ADSL service Price (ZAR) Price/Mbps
Axxess Premium 10Mbps R799 R80
Afrihost Premium 8Mbps R697 R87
Axxess Premium 8Mbps R699 R87
Afrihost Premium 10Mbps R897 R90
Cybersmart Business Uncapped 10Mbps R899 R90
Crystal Web Premium 20Mbps R1,798 R90
Web Africa 10Mbps R900 R90
MWEB 10Mbps R919 R92
MWEB 8Mbps R789 R99
Web Africa 8Mbps R800 R100
MWEB 4Mbps R469 R117
Crystal Web Premium 10Mbps R1,174 R117
Axxess Premium 4Mbps R499 R125
Web Africa 4Mbps R549 R137
Afrihost Premium 4Mbps R597 R149
Crystal Web Premium 4Mbps R678 R170
Cybersmart Business Uncapped 4Mbps R699 R175
Telkom do Uncapped Advanced (4Mbps) R585 R146
Telkom do Uncapped Advanced Plus (8Mbps) R898 R112
Telkom do Uncapped Premium Plus (10Mbps) R999 R100

2Mbps uncapped ADSL bundles

For those who may not be able to synchronise at speeds higher than 2Mbps, a comparison of slower uncapped ADSL bundles is included below.

2Mbps Uncapped ADSL service Price (ZAR) Price/Mbps
MWEB 2Mbps R349 R175
Web Africa 2Mbps R350 R175
Telkom do Uncapped Basic (2Mbps) R394 R197
Axxess Premium 2Mbps R396 R198
Afrihost Premium 2Mbps R397 R199
Cybersmart Business Uncapped 2Mbps R459 R230
Crystal Web Premium 2Mbps R498 R249

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