The cheapest tablets available in South Africa right now

Tablet computers remain one of the most affordable and efficient ways to get online, message, consume media, and play games in South Africa.

However, not everyone can afford the latest gadgetry and sometimes its easier to give the kids (or yourself) something cheaper to get their sticky fingers on.

Here are some of the best options available for less than R2,000:

Sansui 7-inch Tablet – R899 (Hi Fi Corp)

Sansui 02

Vodacom 7-inch Smart Tab – R949 (Game)


MTN Mint 7-inch 3G – R949 (Takealot)


Asus Fonepad 7-inch – R1,499 (Takealot)


Vodacom Powertab 10-inch – R1,800 (Dion Wired)


Samsung 7-inch Tab 3 Lite – R1,900 (Game)

Galaxy TAb3 Lite

Lenovo TAB 2 7-inch – R1,999 (Takealot)


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  • hairyback

    would love to see you guys doing some reviews on these tabs

  • Tau’ri

    When was this article first wrote, 2 years ago? The Sansui 7″ Tablet at Hi-Fi Corp is almost double the price now:

    www hificorp co za/sansui-7in-windows-tablet

  • Helldriver Phoenix

    Pretty happy with my Lenovo 16GB mentioned last.

  • PierrevL

    The price increase must be because it now runs on Windows, I suppose.

  • PierrevL

    Well, yesterday I bought a Mecer A890A (wifi only) for R1537.

  • Ryansr

    Agreed! It’s easy to source this entire article via Google, but I clicked expecting some reviews to be included.

  • Matrix Warehouse also offers two 7″ tablets for R499 and R899. The first does WiFi only, and the second does WiFi and 3G.

  • ***Some Text Missing***

    Yes 2 years ago as of now.

The cheapest tablets available in South Africa right now

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