Useful PC gaming gadgets you can buy in South Africa

Roccat Bungee

PC gaming is all about choice, and gamers can choose from a wide array of useful accessories to improve their gaming experience.

From cable management to couch gaming, these peripherals allows you to enjoy your preferred gaming style more than ever, and best of all, these useful gadgets are available in South Africa.

Mouse bungee

A mouse bungee is an inexpensive and underestimated peripheral which can make a massive difference to mouse movement.

If you get frustrated at you mouse cable catching on objects or causing extra friction, a cable management device may be just what you need.

Below are a few of the mouse bungees available in South Africa:

  • Roccat Apuri – R271
  • Zowie Camade – R680
  • Razer Mouse Bungee – R375


Third-party controllers

While the mouse and keyboard is generally exclusive to PC gaming, you can also choose to use controllers from an Xbox or PlayStation.

However, the cheaper option is usually to opt for a third-party controller that has the features you require without costing as much as Microsoft or Sony’s controllers.

There are a large variety of USB third-party controllers available from most online retailers in South Africa.

SpeedLink Xeon Pro

Computer glasses

If you suffer from strained vision and playing games for too long gives you headaches, specially-built computer glasses may be the answer to your problems.

While they should not be the first option for eye strain (see your optometrist and check out Flux), they may help you if nothing else works.

Gunnar glasses are coated in a specialised anti-glare coating and are built for gamers or professionals who spend a long time in front of a computer screen.

Find Gunnar glasses at retailers including Rebeltech, Raru, and Loot.



If you enjoy playing PC games on your television but find it impractical to use a keyboard and mouse from your couch, a lapboard may be the perfect solution to your problems.

Lapboards are built for couch gaming, and function perfectly well with your high-end gaming keyboard and mouse.

Every product has its advantages and disadvantages, but all lapboards allow you to play with a keyboard and mouse in the comfort of your living room.

Check out a few of the lapboards available in South Africa below:


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Useful PC gaming gadgets you can buy in South Africa

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