What a R200,000 TV looks like in South Africa

Samsung and Dion Wired are offering what appears to be the ultimate Christmas present – a 78-inch SUHD Curved LED TV retailing for R199,000.

The TV offers full Smart functionality (Tizen) as well as built in Wi-Fi, a 240CMR refresh rate and 4 HDMI ports.

That 78-inch equates to just under 2 metres (198.12 cm) but what exactly are you paying R200,000 for?

According to reviewer Steve Withers  the JS9500 “represents the zenith of LED LCD technology” even if the price tag is extraordinary.

As such, Withers believes that there isn’t much more room for improvement and that it’s “unimaginable Samsung will go much farther down this road”.

You can buy the JS9500 here.



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What a R200,000 TV looks like in South Africa

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