Google Glass gets an unofficial Tesla app

Google Glass has had a few apps already written for it by some rather inventive people. Google itself is working on a Gmail client, someone built a porn app, and now a Tesla Model S owner has figured out how to integrate Glass into its functions.

On launch, Google themselves said that they had no idea what people would be able to do with it. Many videos about people’s ideas of what Glass can or should be able to do can be found on Youtube, including designers showing off their concepts. GlassTesla by Sahas Katta is one app, however, that actually works.

In an earlier piece on the Model S, I examined the integration of the dashboard and technology and how it is more akin to tablet PCs than a modern car – This means the Google Glass system would plug into other services quite easily. Well, this is another indication of the future of the automotive industry.

Katta says he can currently show on Google Glass things like charge time, the locations of charge stations, climate control settings, as well as the lock status of your car. The Model S has an optional keyless system, and the key itself has touch panels to control the doors, boot, front bonnet, and the sliding glass roof.

Among GlassTesla’s features that are being worked on, Katta says that voice commands are on his list of things to do, commanding Glass to control the Model S with “OK Glass, unlock my car”, and “OK Glass, show me where I parked my car.” Its important to note that Katta doesn’t restrict the app’s future to just integration with Tesla cars, as the same functionality could be exposed on Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and other marques.

However, more and more people are wary about the security risks with opening functions such as unlocking the doors with external gadgets. Any encryption schemes, even 256-bit AES, can be circumvented if car designers allow app designers to plug into their system. Its a reality even today that people can hack into your car and steal it without putting a finger on it.

Sources: Engadget, GlassTesla

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Google Glass gets an unofficial Tesla app

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