MVP, EA Sports Carbon headset SA price revealed

MVP Carbon EA Sports

Monster Headphones and EA Sports have decided to come together to create something unique – an MVP Carbon headset with EA Sports branding.

Local stockist, Phoenix Distribution told MyGaming that the MVP EA Sports Carbon will be available in the next two weeks at major retail stores nationwide and will retail for a recommended price of R2,999.

Monster Headphones (or MVP) is a division of Monster Cabling, a US-based company that began making higher-quality cabling for audio and video devices in the home after its founder, Noel Lee, decided that anything already available on the market was poor quality.

The MVP Carbon is compatible with the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Wii U, Sony Playstation 3, and desktop/laptop computers, and promises to deliver a “superior audio experience.”

The MVP Carbon is a wireless gaming headset made as light as possible through the use of carbon fibre in the headset’s arc. MVP says their proprietary High Definition Surround Sound technology delivers superior bass levels and “extreme details that pull you into the game.”

The headset features soft ear cups that help to isolate noise, a headband with padding for comfort, and a reversible microphone, so that you can swap it from being on the left side to the right side of your face.

The EA Sports logo is prominent on the sides of the headset. The MVP Carbon allows for linking via Bluetooth to your mobile phone and the proprietary MusicLink Dual Audio Port will allow other MVP Carbon users to listen to whatever you’re currently playing.

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  • Just for some perspective, these are the same guys who gave us Beats by Dr. Dre… Meh, they can keep their overpriced cans -_-

  • Windreaver

    Whilst I like the multi platform compatibility, the gioteck ex05 is 2k cheaper. As much I also like ther reversible mic feature (since I’m left handed, and prefer the mic on my left as well), and the bluetooth connectivity (look mom, no wires!) which the ex05 doesn’t have, I think the price is ridiculous. A playstation pulse is available for R1500 (not Xbox compatible, but works with everything else), with no protrudic mic, and 7.1 surround.

    At this price point, however, the Sony nfc-enabled 1RBT is the headset to beat.

  • The Rich

    I think they should just be honest and call these cans the Dudebros edition.


MVP, EA Sports Carbon headset SA price revealed

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