This amazing analogue keyboard will revolutionise PC gaming

Wooting 1

The Wooting 1 is a mechanical keyboard which features analog input, giving using users precise control in video games.

The device recently appeared on Kickstarter, where it reached its crowdfunding goal of €30,000 in just seven hours.

The Wooting 1 mechanical keyboard can measure exactly how far down users press a key and translate that data into anologue input. This means that PC gamers will finally have the degree of movement control and precision previously only possible with analogue controllers.

The device also includes the following features:

  • Programmable RGB backlighting
  • Smart Function keys
  • Switch between Analogue and Digital modes
  • Plug and Play, no software required
  • Three-way cable gutter
  • Swappable switches and frontplate
  • Onboard profile storage
  • <1ms input lag

How it works

The Wooting 1 requires no third-party software or emulators to function as an analogue controller. Due to the XInput and DirectInput functionality of the device, it can work with a wide selection of games without the need for driver installation.

The keyboard uses Flaretech optical switches, and can be set up with Red, Blue, or a combination of both types of MX switches, depending on user preference.

A special tool is included with the keyboard that allows users to remove key caps and replace switches easily.

The analogue key press measurement involves refracting light through the Flaretech switches, which the keyboard can use to read the distance of the key without interfering with the movement of the high-quality mechanical switches.

The Wooting 1 analogue mechanical keyboard will be available in November 2016.

Check out the video showcase of the Wooting 1 below, or head to the Kickstarter page for more information.

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This amazing analogue keyboard will revolutionise PC gaming

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