This is why your driverless car could try to kill you

Recent surveys finally answer what will happen if your driver-less car has to make a decision between you and pedestrians, reports The Guardian.

The first report found that 76% of recipients agreed that a driver-less car should sacrifice its passenger rather than plough into and kill 10 pedestrians.

Unsurprisingly, the answers differed drastically when the same respondents were asked if they themselves would purchase a car embedded with this pedestrian-first algorithm.

The conflict, if real, could undermine the safety benefits of all driverless cars, the authors say.

“Would you really want to be among the minority shouldering the duties of safety, when everyone else is free-riding, so to speak, on your equitability and acting selfishly?

Worse still, before the study, the researchers suspected that the best way to make sure driverless cars are as safe as possible was through government regulation. Given this option, the majority would then rather drive “unregulated” vehicles rather than give up any modicum of control to their government.

Do you agree with letting your car potentially kill you in order to save the life of another? Let us know in the comments below and in our forums.

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This is why your driverless car could try to kill you

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