Intel reveals ridiculously cheap SSDs

Intel unveils Optane SSDs: offering more than 7 times traditional SSD peformance

Intel has revealed the first drives in its M.2 2280 SSD range, the 600P series, reports PC Perspective.

These SSDs are aimed at the budget-concious consumer, with prices ranging from $0.55/GB at 128GB all the way down to $0.35/GB for the 1TB part.

“These new SSDs reflect Intel’s 30-year commitment to memory technologies and our long-term plan to transform the economics of storage with trusted, breakthrough 3D NAND technology from Intel,” sais Bill Leszinske, Intel Vice President and Director of Strategic Planning.

“This broad array of new 3D NAND SSDs expands the reach of PCIe solutions and offers a cost effective replacement for traditional Hard Disk Drives, helping customers accelerate user experiences, improve the performance of apps and services, and reduce IT costs.”

The expected specifications for the drives are:

  • 1.8GB/s reads
  • 560MB/s writes
  • Random read 155k
  • Random write 128k
  • (4KB QD=32)

There is no information on South African pricing or release date yet.


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Intel reveals ridiculously cheap SSDs

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