7 budget 4K TVs you can buy in South Africa

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WIth the recent release of the PlayStation 4 Pro and the upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio, 4K gaming is slowly gaining momentum.

Increased graphics processing power has allowed the objective of true 4K gaming to be reached by high-end Pascal-powered gaming PCs, and consoles will be quick to follow the latest trend in graphics technology.

The latest in gaming technology comes at a cost however, and we’ve searched across a variety of online and physical retailers to find some of the cheapest 4K TVs on the market.

Check out these budget UHD TVs you can buy in South Africa:

Samsung 50-inch UHD Smart LED TV – R10,990


HiSense 49-inch UHD Smart LED TV – R9,499


LG 49-inch UHD Smart LED TV – R10,499


HiSense 65-inch UHD Smart LED TV – R16,999


Sinotec 50-inch UHD Smart LED TV – R6,999


HiSense 55-inch UHD SMart LED TV – R12,999


LG 55-inch UHD Smart LED TV – R15,499


Telefunken 50-inch UHD LED TV – R9,372


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  • fred

    You could go cheap , but with input lag , HDR support there are a few things to consider if you want to game in UHD. Buy smart. The Samsung KS range is the best you can get at the moment , if you budget allows.

  • Space Chief

    Panasonic. Feel like it’s the 80s, owning Japanese kit.

  • Carel Raath

    Would you recommend a 4k tv under 40″… or is that a waste. Its for the bedroom, so dont want/have space for anything bigger


    Should mention HDR support and input lag. Bad article


    Great info ! Hope peeps read this

  • Smuroh

    Where is the budget in any of those?

  • Wurnman

    wonder which platform currently in SA give 4K output? Not worth buying 4K as yet.

  • Veeash Lala

    I was just about to say the same thing. Afaik, none of these sets support hdr nor carry the premium 4k logo. The article misses the point entirely if they’re aiming to inform people of televisions for Scorpio or ps pro.

  • bengine

    I think my understanding of “budget” may be flawed …

  • Grové Erasmus

    What would your choice be ?
    4K Television
    4k Samsung 29″ Monitor
    BENQ XL2730Z LED 144Hz Monitor.

    4K screen for productivity + 2x 1080p for gaming. PC upgrade later.
    Gfx: Radeon R9 380 4Gb ain’t potent enough for 4K gaming.
    CPU: Core i5-3570-3,4Ghz, 24Gb DDR RAM, 750Gb SSD, etc
    Current: 4x 1080p screens, gaming on one only (Elite Dangerous, Arma 3, Cities Skylines).

  • fred

    If you sit quite close to the tv , and if you can find one , a 4k 40 inch would be great , but personally i’d go with a 49 inch for a bedroom size room.

  • WaDisMaD

    I’ve got a 50″ TV in my bedroom and it’s perfect. I don’t think I’ll be able to go smaller after playing games on the 50″.

  • Richard Morse

    You seriously won’t notice much at 40″ and below, above 40″ you can see the difference, I have a UHD at 40″ and it is a better picture but not by much

  • Richard Morse

    STOP right here, do not buy cheap 4K UHD TV’s for gaming consoles
    THEY WILL NOT WORK for 4K gaming or DSTV picture upscaling.

    The TV needs to support 4K at 60 Hz and 50Hz and 24Hz, the Sinotec for instance only supports 24Hz which is the film industry standard and not the gaming standard which is 60Hz even to upscale the picture from DSTV 1080P the Xbox One X and Xbox One S expect as a 4K TV using 60 Hz with HDR10 support and 10 bit colours.

    I have the Sinotec 50″ shown above and the picture is improved but the Xbox reports it is not able to do 4K gaming or upscaling which requires 60Hz

7 budget 4K TVs you can buy in South Africa

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