5 things the PS4 Pro can do that your old PS4 can’t

PS4 Pro

While we all know that the PS4 Pro outputs games at a higher resolution, and some games even look better thanks to the 1080p enhanced modes, the console actually does much more than meets the eye.

After digging around in the settings, and looking for those standout features, here are 5 things I found that you will not be able to do on your standard PS4.

4K Screenshots

Earlier this year Sony released an update that enabled PNG screen capture on the PS4, and it was a welcomed addition to the screenshot functionality. PNG are uncompressed images, so anytime you take a screenshot with your PS4, it will save more information to it, and have a cleaner look.

With the PS4 Pro’s ability to render 4K imagery, the screenshots have also been boosted up to 4K.

On your standard PS4 you will be able to take a screenshot and save it at 1920×1080, regardless of the game’s resolution you are playing. On the PS4 Pro however, when you take a screenshot it will save at 3840×2160.

This means that your screenshots will be massive, and that combined with the PNG format, outputs superb shots of your games. The only issue here, is that the screenshots will take up quite a lot of space at around 13-15MB per image.

PS4 Pro

1080p Recording

Let’s be frank, the PS4 definitely has the upper hand when it comes to sharing and game capture compared to the Xbox One, and one of the best features is the ability to press a button, and record anything you are doing on the game you are playing, or the system UI.

The standard PS4 records these clips at 720p, and can go up 60-minutes.

An average file for these clips range from 1GB to 3GB depending on the time.

The PS4 Pro’s extra processing power means you can capture gameplay at 1080p.

As a result game capture is sharper, and the quality is much higher than 720p. This is great for gamers that save and edit their clips.

The only issue here is that 1080p recordings can take up a large amount of space, and a 60-minute clip goes beyond 4.5GB which is the standard file support for FAT 32, so you might have trouble copying that clip off the PS4, as the console won’t read NTFS.

PS4 Pro

TV Output Compatibility

Heading into System>Sound and Screen> Video Output Settings>Video Output Information, will show you all the current supported formats of your TV and just what resolution your TV support, and if it does or does not support HDR.

This menu is great for understanding your capabilities of your TV, and whether or not it support certain game’s new features.

PS4 Pro

Downscaled Resolution

One of the best features of the PS4 Pro, is the ability to downscale your 4K gameplay to 1080p to receive a much more refined visual experience.

Many of the games on the console come with dedicated 1080p modes, but for those with a 4K TV that want to benefit from these modes, you can just head into your settings and change your resolution from 2160 -RGB, to 1080p.

This will automatically give you the benefits as if you were running your PS4 Pro on an HD TV.

An example of this was Final Fantasy XV that has a 1440p mode while playing on a 4K TV. Once the resolution was set to 1080p, that 1440p output was then downscaled to 1080p and looked much sharper.

This is a cool feature for those who want to mess around with different ways to play different games.

PS4 Pro

1080p Remote Play and Streaming

For those who enjoy playing on your PS Vita, or even streaming games to your PC via the PlayStation Remote Play program, this if for you.

The standard PS4 streams games at 720p, which means that if you are playing anything on your PS Vita, PC, or Xperia device the resolution that you are playing the game at is set to 720p.

The same goes for online streaming such as PlayStation Live, Twitch, and YouTube.

This has changed with the PS4 Pro however as the extra power in the console has given it a boost in resolution while streaming online, as well as while you are playing games via Remote Play.

The result is a much cleaner and polished look compared to the standard PS4.

PS4 Pro

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5 things the PS4 Pro can do that your old PS4 can’t

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