PC vs Console war: A possible ceasefire?

Overall, PC’s are more expensive yet offer longer usability. Consoles have a better plug and play approach but go out of date quickly.

Game stores like Steam increase PC owners freedom of choice, but consoles often have great exclusives.

The newly released Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 have hardware that makes them very similar to PCs; deciding between gaming systems is now even harder.

To hopefully bring peace to the internet for once and for all, we took an objective stance by looking at numbers and putting aside our personal biases.


One of the undeniable factors that weigh into a players decision to choose between a console or a PC is the money they have to spend to play the games they want to.

Usually, consoles are cheaper:

Console Price
PlayStation 5 R13 500
Xbox Series X R11 998
Nintendo Switch R8 999
PC Type Price
Entry level +/- R7 600
Good +/- R13 000
Enthusiast +/- R30 000

Pricing PC’s is tricky.

One must account for the various parts that can fluctuate in prices, such as the graphics card, CPU, fan, Motherb0oard, Ram, SSD, power supply and case.

You don’t have to build your PC. For example, a prebuilt budget gamer PC with an i7 11700K RTK 3060 currently goes for R29 099 on Evetech.

Bear in mind that the above PC prices exclude a monitor, mouse and keyboard, whereas traditionally, a console can be connected to the home TV and comes with a controller.


PC’s are entirely modular and can outlast consoles by constantly being upgraded. In five years, what you would spend on buying the newest console can be spent on a better GPU or cooling system for your PC.

Consoles, however, do not provide upgradability; what you buy is what you get.

Exclusive Games

Big triple-A adventure titles have often been console exclusives. Whether that is why a player buys a console depends on how badly they want to play the game.

With consoles having more exclusive games, one must not forget that PC’s have more extensive libraries.

Due to backwards compatibility, Steam, Epic Games and GOG enable players to play games from the early 2000s.

Additionally, PC players have overall more games at their disposal.

Console Exclusives PC Exclusives
Forspoken Valheim
Horizon Forbidden West Inscryption
God of War Ragnarok Wildermyth


Consoles have prided themselves on having a plug and play approach to gaming. Within a few seconds from switching on your console, you and your friends can be playing games together on the couch.

With a PC, it’s not uncommon for you to install drivers and manage files before playing.

No matter the statistics, most of it comes down to personal preference.
Both systems should be respected for their merits. The player has to make this decision.


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PC vs Console war: A possible ceasefire?

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