Earlier Nvidia RTX 40 series launch date rumoured

PCGamer reports that the next-gen Nvidia RTX 40 series GPUs based on the Ada Lovelace architecture could launch in July or August.

The rumour comes from well-known leaker Kopite7kimi, who shared on Twitter that the GPU series could launch as soon as early Q3 of 2022 – which could mean a July launch.

However, a launch at Gamescom is also a possibility which would mean a late Q3 launch in August 2022.

Whether the launch is in July or August, it is still earlier than the previously expected launch date of September or October, which is good news for PC fans.

If this rumour proves to be accurate, it will give GeForce an advantage over its rival AMD, as reports suggest that its RX 7000 series will only launch in Q4 of 2022.

According to PCGamer, high-end versions of the new RTX 40 series might feature up to 18,432 cores and 96MB of L2 cache, and a 600W TDP.

This is a significant step up from the RTX 3090Ti which has passed the 450W threshold and features 10,752 cores and 6MB of L2 cache.

Add other potential architectural improvements such as adjustments to ray-tracing and Tensor cores, and there’s little doubt that Nvidia’s next-gen RTX 40 could be a monster of a GPU.

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Earlier Nvidia RTX 40 series launch date rumoured

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