Gaming mouse pricing comparison

Logitech G700 Mouse comparison

Every gamer needs a dedicated gaming mouse to enjoy their hobby to the fullest, and if you’re in the market for a new item, buying online is usually much cheaper than buying from a brick and mortar store with overheads that push up the price of items.

That being said, pricing can vary dramatically between online stores, and as with SSD’s, it pays to shop around for the best deals.

Logitech is one of the best-known brands in the gaming peripheral industry, and the chances are good that you’ll see at least one gamer using one of their mouses at the next LAN.

Below is a table comparing prices of three Logitech gaming mouses at a range of popular online stores, including LandmarkPC, Prophecy, Takealot, Rebeltech, Sybaritic and Wootware.

Logitech G300 Logitech G500 Logitech G700
LandmarkPC R365.94 R729.60 R1,026
Sybaritic na R696 na
Rebeltech R350 R697 R980
Wootware na R740 R1,051
Prophecy na R748.64 R1,035.96
Takealot na R752 R999

Pricing between the above stores on Logitech mice seems fairly close, though prices can vary by as much as 8 percent between stores.

Rebeltech offers the best prices on two of the three mouses available (the G300 and G700), and they lose out by a single rand to Sybaritic on the G500 model.

Landmark, Prophecy and Takealot fill the most expensive slots for the mouses, though it should be noted that Takealot do offer free shipping with your purchase – something to consider before buying parts online.

Razer is another popular brand of gaming mouses, and with a range of dedicated gaming models available in South Africa, they are offered by all of the online retailers mentioned above.

The table below compares three different Razer models pricing available to South African customers.

Razer Imperator 4G Razer Mamba 4G Razer Naga Epic
LandmarkPC R751.26 R1,378.26 R1,313.28
Sybaritic R752 R1,253 R1,228
Rebeltech R718 R1,317 R1,254
Wootware R768 R1,359 R1,298
Prophecy R769.96 R1,396.96 R1,331.75
Takealot R699 na na

As with the Logitech mouses, pricing is relatively close between Rebeltech and Sybaritic. However there are differences of over 11 percent between the most and least expensive offerings, enough to justify buying from a different store.

Sybaritic now offer the lowest prices on two of the models (Mamba 4G and Naga Epic wireless), while Takealot offers the lowest price on the remaining model (Imperator 4G).

Prophecy is the most expensive retail store to buy Razer mouses from, costing between 8 and 11 percent more depending on the model. With the exception of Takealot, all of the stores offered every model used in the pricing comparison.

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Gaming mouse pricing comparison

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