SSD pricing in South Africa compared

SSD (solid state drive) technology is one of the best innovations to have hit the PC world in recent years. Previously, the high price tag meant they were out of reach to all but the most wealthy of gamers. Times have changed since the first generation drives, and now local retailers are selling entry-level capacity SSDs for the price of a good night out.

If you’re in the market for an SSD, it pays to shop around. As with any market, pricing differs from store to store, though as with most technology you can probably buy it cheaper online. With this in mind we’ve compared the pricing of the cost effective and popular OCZ Agility 4 drive from some of South African’s most well known online retailers below:

OCZ Agility 4 64GB OCZ Agility 4 128GB OCZ Agility 4 256GB
Sybaritic R852 R1,167 R2,366
Rebeltech R863 R1,170 R2,541
Wootware R956 R1,390 R2,691
Prophecy R939.25 R1,291.62 R2,727.45
Takealot R968 R1,458 R2,849

If you’re in the market for an Agility 4 drive, look no further than Sybaritic. They offer the cheapest prices on all three drive capacities, and substantially undercut competitors on the 256GB unit. Rebeltech finishes a close second across the board, with well priced 64GB and 128GB drives. Takealot is the most expensive, but their orders do include free shipping, something to factor in when purchasing online.

OCZ Vertex 4 64GB OCZ Vertex 4 128GB OCZ vertex 4 256GB
LandmarkPC n/a R1,537.86 R2,952.02
Sybaritic R921 R1,451 R2,814
Rebeltech R921 R1,389 R2,719
Wootware n/a R1,449 R2,942
Prophecy 1,000.69 R1,528.63 R3,630.33
Takealot n/a R1,569 R3,114

First off you’ll notice some big names not present in the above tables. At the time of writing LandmarkPC did not have the OCZ Agility 4 drives in stock, so they were left out of the comparison, however they do feature in the Vertex 4 comparison. IkonicIT didn’t make either table, as their website would constantly direct me to the checkout basket no matter where I tried to navigate.

On to the Vertex 4 drives, and Rebeltech clearly steams ahead of the competition with the lowest available prices on all three drives. Sybaritic comes in a close second, with identical pricing to Rebeltech on the 64GB drive, and slightly higher prices on the 128GB and 256GB drives. Prophecy offers the most expensive 64GB and 256GB drives available on the list, while Takealot charges the most for the 128GB drive.

What’s interesting to note is that the new generation Agility 4 drives are even cheaper than their older model, the OCZ Agility 3 during our pricing comparison back in April this year. Surprisingly, OCZ’s high-end Vertex 4 offering is at times also cheaper than the Agility 3 drives were back in April, showing a marked decrease in overall SSD pricing in South Africa over the last 3 months. If this trend continues, it won’t be long before there is an SSD in every gaming PC in SA.

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SSD pricing in South Africa compared

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