Most popular AMD CPUs for overclocking

Overclocking can be an important consideration for gamers who are looking at buying a new CPU.

Whether you’re planning on breaking out the liquid nitrogen and chasing world records, or you just want a good CPU that you can push a little further to up your frame rates during games, a processor with some overclocking headroom is a good investment. is an online ranking system which “gathers specifications and benchmark performance results of computer hardware, as well as serving a non-stop overclocking competition platform for amateur and die-hard overclockers.”

The system categorizes hardware as well as overclocking results for systems worldwide, running the most popular benchmarking software. Using the HWBot system, we can see how many submissions have used a specific processor for the overclock, showing which models are most popular among casual and hardcore overclockers.

Below are the most popular AMD CPUs for 4 modern chipsets on

AMD CPUs by socket
CPU socket AM2 AM2+ AM3 AM3+
CPU model Athlon 64 6000+ X2 Phenom II X2 555 BE Phenom II X4 955 BE FX-8150
Number of submissions 1,401 submissions 3,143 submissions 5,784 submissions 813 submissions

Typically,ew CPUs are released alongside new sockets, so even though a more modern CPU can be overclocked on a board with an older socket, this often isn’t the case with AMD CPUs.

For the AM2 platform, the venerable Athlon 64 6000+ X2 dual-core CPU proved the most popular choice. It was one of the highest clocked processors offered by AMD at the time, and remains more popular than some modern AMD processors.

For the AM2+ socket, the Phenom II X2 555 BE was the overclocking chip of choice. The BE designation stands for Black Edition, similar to Intel’s Extreme edition chips designed with overclockers in mind. The X2 555 BE was the highest clocked processor of it category and also one of the most expensive for the AM2+ platform.

Moving on to the AM3 platform, we find that the Phenom II X4 955 BE was the socket’s most popular chip. One of the highest clocked AMD processors, the chip also bore the Black Edition markings, and was a hit with overclockers thanks to no cold bug, which meant overclockers could fill up the cooling pot with liquid nitrogen and not worry about maintaining a constant temperature.

AMD’s latest AM3+ platform sees the FX-8150 as the most popular chip among overclockers. The top of the range FX chip is based on the Bulldozer platform, and it has had a slow start on the rankings. It has less than one fifth of the submission the newer Intel Core i7 3930K has, though it should pick up more within the next few months.

AMD Phenom II overclocking

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Most popular AMD CPUs for overclocking

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