Best TVs for gaming available in SA

A good television is a vital component for any console gamer, and PC gamers too can benefit from using a large Full HD screen in the right setup. We’ve rounded up some of the best TV’s available in SA – including LG’s 47LM4600, 42LK520, 47LS4600 and 42LM5800 models, along with Sony’s KDL-46EX720 – and highlight the features that make them viable gaming TVs, along with their price.

Refresh rate, input lag, screen-size, back-lighting type, good video processing, and additional features can make a difference when selecting your ideal gaming TV. Also important is the number of inputs/outputs you’ll need, such as HDMI, optical audio, analogue video and audio, USB, and Wi-Fi – the more the better.

Essentially, many TV choices come down to personal preference. That said, the following TVs are highly-regarded in the market and contain the features to handle the pace and requirements of gaming consoles today.

To put the TVs on the same scale – we’ve looked at the 40-47-inch range of TVs.

The following TVs have been selected by LCD TV Buying Guide as the best gaming TVs, and have received Editor’s Choice Awards from various publications, as well as feature high aggregate smart ratings from FindTheBest.

LG 47 inch 47LM4600 3D LED TV (R12,000 – DionWired)

LG’s47 inch 47LM4600 3D LED TV is a good option for a gaming display.

The TV features a 200Hz refresh rate, local-dimming and edge-lit LED backlighting, providing an ultra-smooth and vivid picture, which will work wonders for fast motion gaming.

The TV also comes with 3D capabilities and 4 HDMI ports. It also features Dual Play 3D technology, which allows for two-player gaming without splitting the screen.

Editor’s Choice Award – LCD TV Buying Guide; Editor’s Choice Award – Digital Trends

Sony KDL-46EX720 LED LCD TV (R14,885.00 – The Digital Experience)

The Sony 46-inch KDL-46EX720 LED LCD 3D TV is part of the Bravia EX720 Series and brings clear 3D gaming to the forefront.

The LED edge-lighting and the X-Reality Picture Engine to handle fast moving images, while the TV also features a built-in 3D transmitter.

The TV also features 4 HDMI ports and internet connectivity.

 94% Smart Rating


LG 42LK520 42-inch LCD HDTV (R11,000 – VastSA)

The LG 42LK520 42-inch LCD HDTV offers a full HD 1080p image.

TruMotion 120Hz technology gives a high refresh rate with no motion blur.

The TV also features a 150,000:1 contrast ratio, which offers vibrant colours and deep blacks.

The LG TV features 2 HDMI inputs.

Editor’s Choice Award – LCD TV Buyers Guide

LG 47LS4600 LED HD TV (R7,499 – Makro)

The 47 inch LG 47LS4600 LED HD TV is a solid choice for a gaming TV, as it features a 120Hz refresh rate, passive 3D, and an Intelligent Sensor, which will adjust the brightness of your TV according to the room lighting – for those long day-spanning gaming sessions.

The LED backlit panel provides a strong colour, and features 4 HDMI ports.

87% Smart rating

LG 42-inch 42LM5800 LED 3D TV (R8,999 – Makro)

A cheaper, but equally as good option is the LG TV 42LM5800 LED 3D TV.

The TV features LED back-lighting and a 120Hz refresh rate.

On top of that, the 1080p display features the Truemotion feature to reduce judder and jerky motion.

The TV also has digital noise filtering options, which allows for the elimination of any flickering during gaming.

At it’s low cost, the TV also features 3D capabilities.

9/10 raiting on FreakScore (aggregate of 9 reviews)

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  • NMo9

    Isn’t Sony’s KDL-46EX720 a older generation TV now with the launch of KDL-66HX750( And the 46HX750 is available at cheaper price as well..

  • Yeah, but I believe the KDL-66HX750 isn’t available in SA.


    How is the last LG 42″ at R8999 cheaper than the previous one at R7499?
    And the Makro link is to a 46″ Samsung for R8999.

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    Paid R3999 for my Bravia 40″ LCD and I am very happy with it! Don’t see the use in paying a cent more than that…

  • Jarrod

    why no samsungs in the lineup? id recommend the 47inch Samsung ES7500, most beautiful screen video could ever be played on

  • When researching, it was even a surprise to myself that LG sets dominated the list 😛

    The reasoning is that LG’s image processing engine is highly rated for
    fast moving images – i.e. gaming (nothing really faster than gaming).

    The chips in the TV have to do a fair bit of processing power (and quickly) and LG’s are highlighted for that.

    Samsung’s are phenomenal TVs (I have one myself), but they have a
    reputation for having slightly more input lag than other TVs. I mean,
    we’re talking milliseconds here, but it still counts.

    The higher range Samsung’s with the best specs are also unfortunately
    not available in SA. So they’d definitely make the list, but it’s unfair
    to list them if you can’t get them here.

    Thanks for the read

  • NMo9

    Sorry.. I meant the 46HX750..

  • Peter Mülders

    Why no plasmas in that list?
    It’s by far the best technology for fast motion and no LCD based TV can even come close.

  • This is a bit of a let-down of an article. None of these TVs was tried. Each of them are ascribed different and unrelated rankings based on different websites. The last TV is supposedly a “cheaper” option, but, at 42″, is 20% more expensive than the same brand’s 47″ set just above it. Then, just to annoy the grammar nazis, the final sentence has an apostrophe in ‘its’.

  • Rory McGuire

    No samsungs in a best screen list = dodgy list.

  • The plasmas are highly rated, but due to their tendency to leave “burns” and artifacts puts them in bit of a tough spot to recommend them

Best TVs for gaming available in SA

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