AMD Radeon HD7990 Engineering Sample appears on Ebay

AMD has been working on a dual-GPU Radeon HD7990 since the middle of 2012 and although their OEM partners have made their own versions, fans are eager to see a reference design. One just appeared on Ebay last night with a starting bid of $500 and it’s now up to $1275.

HD7990 malta 2

The seller claims that it’s one of the engineering samples AMD has been sending out to reviewers and partners. The card definitely does look like the HD7990 that AMD was teasing after the Battlefield 4 reveal and we’ve seen the dual-slot, triple-fan cooler before. The seller doesn’t mention where he got it from, only that the card is in good condition and is working. A table also lists the specs for the card as well, tallying with my personal expectations with regards to clock speeds.

HD7990 table specs

AMD’s HD7990 has been delayed for a long time now. Its composed of two Tahiti cores, the same ones that make up the Radeon HD7970. The card is rumoured to feature 6GB of RAM, a massive 768-bit bus and require two 8-pin power connectors, which is exactly what’s been presented in the seller’s table above. Speculation by bloggers and fans have pegged the card at around the $800 price point at launch, although AMD could move that up or down depending on how much market share they want to capture.

Source: Ebay

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AMD Radeon HD7990 Engineering Sample appears on Ebay

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