Cooler Master V-series PSU range: SA price revealed

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Cooler Master has been unusually quiet on the power supply front of late. The GX series hasn’t had a refresh in a while, and the Extreme Power family is fast becoming overwhelmed by budget contenders from Gigabyte, Antec, Corsair and Be Quiet!

Cooler Master has announced its intention to take back the high-end market, starting with the V-series PSU family – and we have the SA recommended pricing.

The V-series is a completely new line that will accommodate builders looking for a PSU from the mainstream to the extreme price points. The family comes certified for the 80 Plus Gold rating, modular cables and PWN-controlled 135mm fans.

All three PSUs in the lineup – the V700, V850 and V1000 – are reportedly based on Seasonic design and the OEM does have fully modular designs very similar to this one. The bonus to this is better performance and quieter operation, as Cooler Master previously used FSP designs for the same ranges the V-series is covering today.

Cooler Master PSU
V700 V850 V1000
Price (RRP)  R2349  R2799  R3099
Wattage  700W  850W  1000W
80 Plus rating  Gold  Gold  Gold
SATA connectors  9  9  9
6+2-pin GPU connector  4  6  8
Molex connector  4  4  4
EPS 12v 8-pin connector  Yes  Yes  Yes
+12v Max load  696W  840W  1000W

Its nice to see a single rail design on units like these. Single-rail designs don’t require you to spread out load like you’re have to on cheaper PSUs that use poor quality components. You can add on hardware without worrying about if you’re overloading a particular rail.

It also looks like Cooler Master has plotted out where it thinks these PSUs fit according to how many GPU connectors they’re throwing in. The V700 is for SLI or Crossfire configurations, the V850 is there for triple-GPU rigs and the V1,000 is there for quad-SLI and Crossfire. You might be stretching it a bit if you add in four GTX Titans, but the option is there.

In spite of their capability, however, at the current exchange rate (R10.16 to the US $ at the time of writing) the RRPs for the V-series throws them into a mosh pit with Antec’s HCP series and Be Quiet’s Dark Pro family. Corsair already makes and sells a Platinum-rated, fully modular 860W PSU for the same price as the V700. Locally the V-series may not do so well unless some price drops bring things down to more reasonable levels.

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  • Slade Boender

    Gotta agree. Not to mention, modular are usually top tier offerings from which ever manufacturer. My CM 700 was about 2k (definitely cheaper than the newer stuff it seems) but still going strong. No blow outs and plenty room without all the extra cabling.

  • Nothing wrong with investing in a solid PSU – I’ve had a Gigabyte Odin 650W modular going strong for 6 years now.

  • Ian Kemp

    “Single-rail designs don’t require you to spread out load like you’re have to on cheaper PSUs that use poor quality components.”

    Please stop spreading this nonsense. The Antec HCP-1200 uses 8 12V rails and is widely considered one of the best PSUs ever produced. Number of rails has nothing to do with quality of a PSU… the OEM and platform has everything to do with it.

  • David Tomasello

    If you read his comment he said multiple rails on a PSU using poor quality components is the point being made. You come back with a PSU with 8 rails that is a known great PSU with good quality parts. Try to focus on the comment before you say this nonsense. It is very accurate and well founded.

Cooler Master V-series PSU range: SA price revealed

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