Nvidia GTX760 specs leaked, goes up against AMD HD7870

Nvidia’s GTX780 and GTX770 cards have filled in the gaps that the company identified, with the GTX780 being faster than the Radeon HD7970 GHz Edition and the GTX770 almost unleashing the full potential of the GTX680. The next card to be released is the GTX760 and its place in the market is really weird.

German hardware site Videocardz revealed some exclusive information they had gleaned about Nvidia’s Geforce 700 series lineup. The next piece of the puzzle, the GTX760, seems to fit into the market fighting against the Radeon HD7870 and HD7870LE. Its a boost up from the GTX660, but its priced a little cheaper to allow Nvidia to make a value play.

Videocardz Geforce GTX760 rumored specifications

Videocardz Geforce GTX760 rumored specifications

Videocardz had a comprehensive specs list, including a release date for 25 June 2013. What surprises me is that the card will apparently stick to GDDR5 memory at 1,500MHz or 6GHz effectively. One of the pros to the GTX770 was the extra memory bandwidth and the overclocking headroom the card offered for buyers, at a price lower than the GTX680.

This doesn’t appear to have the same ring to it, although it’s nice to see that Nvidia have bumped up to a 256-bit bus instead of the 192-bit memory bus found on the GTX660 Ti. It will perform much better and will now keep up with the Radeon contenders at resolutions higher than 1080p. For dual-card lovers, the 4GB variants might be very tempting to pick up.

Videocardz Geforce rumored 2013 lineup

Videocardz Geforce rumored 2013 lineup

The bigger news, though, was contained in the same post as the reveal of the GTX760. It looks like Nvidia isn’t planning to launch any new cards for the next few weeks following this one. For the next quarter, their lineup will match the Geforce 600 and 700 series together. This is possibly a move to sell out leftover stocks before flooding the market with a new card family, although it may also be Nvidia just playing the waiting game with AMD.

Its possible that this year AMD will release the HD8000 family for the consumer market, expected to be a refresh to current models with updated voltage controls and more overclocking headroom just like the HD7790. AMD is pretty busy making and delivering chips for the Xbox One and Playstation 4, so a launch of graphics cards at the same time may strain the company’s resources. That may give Nvidia a window of opportunity to launch a new mid-range card lineup without any real competition.

Source: Videocardz

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Nvidia GTX760 specs leaked, goes up against AMD HD7870

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