Nvidia GTX760 SA price roundup

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In this article we take a look at who has stock of Nvidia’s latest, the GTX760. It launched only two days ago, but is already selling well in the UK, Europe, the United States and Canada.

The GTX760 is, for all practical purposes, a better GTX660 Ti. Its faster than the GTX660 Ti and the AMD Radeon HD7870 GHz Edition, overclocks well enough to be faster than a GTX670, has a better GPU Boost implementation, and the fan speed profiles have been fixed to control temperature better while not creating too much noise. In its launching market (the US, Canada and Europe) it’s priced at $250, which is $50 cheaper than the Radeon HD7950 for the same performance.

The downside, however, is that the GTX760 does not qualify for Nvidia’s Metro: Last Light bundle. For the moment Nvidia doesn’t bundle the new Geforce 700 series cards with any games, relying instead on the fact that they’re faster and cheaper than their predecessors to help them sell.

The table below shows the prices of various Geforce GTX670 cards available from local retailers. The lowest prices are highlighted in Bold. For the purposes of this table, prices for products that are listed as “Sold out”, “Contact for availability” or “Special order” will be included, as these are general pricing indications for the cards.

Geforce GTX760 2/4GB
Rebeltech Wootware Titan-Ice Landmark PC
Gigabyte Windforce 2GB  4651  4860  4597.30
ASUS Direct CU II OC 2GB 4735  5099
KFA² reference 2GB  3428.89
KFA² EX OC 2GB  3790.86
KFA² EX OC 4GB  4194.70

For the moment, our exchange rate negates the benefits of the low launch price of the GTX760. On average, we’re looking at a price of R4,400 at launch, which will drop as time passes. It’s possible that the price is jacked up to clear out stock of the GTX660 Ti first, pricing it up in the same level as the GTX670 and the Radeon HD7950.

Nvidia Geforce GTX760 reference cooler design

Nvidia Geforce GTX760 reference cooler design

By and large the reference cooler will only be seen coming from budget brands. ASUS and Gigabyte have chosen to use their own coolers right from the start, even though the PCB may have not been changed. More manufacturers are on the horizon for a local launch and judging by how well the GTX770 and GTX780 seeded to us locally, this won’t take more than two weeks to become generally available.

As mentioned before, GTX700 series cards do not come with bundled games, making the lower price and overclocking potential the value plays that Nvidia has chosen instead. If you’re interested in the game bundles AMD offers, there’s one card for you – the HD7870 LE. Ironically, that card addresses the same market as the GTX760 and has been out for more than three months already.

Like the Geforce, it can also be overclocked to the same performance levels of the GTX670 and HD7950. While Nvidia may have fixed up their previous performance disparity between the GTX680, GTX670 and GTX660 Ti, AMD’s HD7870LE fits in comfortably here.

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Nvidia GTX760 SA price roundup

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